• Metamorphosis: A Prophetic Word About Radical Change in 2018 – Paperback

  • Dream Wild: Ignite Your Faith to Defy Impossibilities – Paperback

  • Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest

  • Jezebel’s Puppets: Exposing the Agenda of False Prophets



Video: Confronting the Jezebel Spirit

Christine Darg examines how believers must challenge wickedness and evil unloosed in our world and specifically a controlling spirit named after Jezebel in the Bible.

A Prophetic Word and Assignment for Seniors & Retirees

“I’m giving some of you unique ministries.”

How Jezebel Assassinates Prophetic Voices & How to Battle Back

Are you one that is prophetic or a prophet and feels like you have been targeted by an invisible demonic force? Or have been caught in a web of slander, false accusations, barrage of sudden attacks and hits? Or strangled by the grips of Jezebel’s witchcraft...

12 Vindication Promises to Hang On to During the Pain

Vindication is the story of my life. It can be your story too.

When Leaders Absolutely Lack Discernment

When leaders lack discernment perilous times can result.

Why Spiritual Warfare Is Rapidly Rising in This Season and What to Do About It

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Find out what is happening in the spirit realm and get equipped to overcome. Visit www.warfareschool.com for more teaching like...

7 Characteristics of a Christian Assassin

What does a church assassin look like? How do they operate?

When Going to Church Feels Like a Dreaded Chore

If you type "I hate going to church" into Google, you get 103 million results in one-third of a second. Why does going to church feel like drudgery to so many people? You can read my article on this topic at https://www.jenniferleclaire.org/artic... You can sow into...

7 Signs of a Christian Assassin

A spirit of assassination on on the loose. A spirit of assassination is akin to a murdering spirit, but it’s got a surprise element. Keep in mind, where there are assassinations there are almost always conspiracies. God is going to unmask the masked assassins, but it...

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