Prophecy: Healing for the Seers After a Season of Warfare

The Lord is proclaiming healing for the seers!

In a recent Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer broadcast, the Lord showed me clearly how the enemy has skewed the vision of many seers during a season of warfare. I prophesied:

“You’ve begun to see things not as they are but as the enemy wants you to see them… Whatever the enemy is showing you, just look around the corner because that is where something better lies. Just look around the corner.”

Seers, it’s one thing to see what the enemy is doing. It’s another thing to allow the enemy to mesmerize you with his evil acts to the point of fear or trauma. If you’re going to look and see what the enemy is doing, look in the Spirit and see what God wants to do also. Look in the Spirit and see what God has planned. Press in further and ask the Lord to show you the other side.

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