When the Holy Spirit Foils the Enemy’s Destructive Plans

We all know the Holy Spirit is our Helper. We know He leads and guides us. We know He is our peace. We know He shows us things to come. We know He is faithful, trustworthy and He has our back.

I got a deeper revelation of all of these realities on a recent ministry trip to London and Spain. I was having the time of my life establishing a New Breed Revival Network field office in the United Kingdom with Ryan LeStrange. The glory of God was rich. The fire of God was falling—and in the midst of all this supernatural fun I got a check in my spirit.

It wasn't a still small voice giving me an instruction. It was just an impression in my spirit—a knowing that something wasn't quite right. I felt an urgency to check the safety of my passport. It wasn't in the pocket in which I always secure it. It wasn't in any of the other pockets either. Rather than panicking, I decided to embrace the glory in the meeting and deal with it later. After all, what could I do in that moment? So kept this to myself and jumped in the river of revival.

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When Believers Crucify Each Other in the Name of Discernment

Discernment is ever so vital in this hour, but discernment can turn into a critical spirit if it's not bound by love on both sides of the river banks. Indeed, whether you have a discerning heart or the gift of discerning of spirits, there's always the danger of tapping into a faultfinding flow when you should be making intercession.

At Awakening House of Prayer—or when I travel as a conference speaker—I discern many things out of order in people's lives. I recognize the spirit of rejection from a mile away and fear from even farther. I can see pride, poor attitudes and people imprisoned to any number of fleshly appetites or demon powers. I've discovered it's easier to grumble and complain about people who behave wrongly than it is to hit my knees with a prayer burden and cry out to God for their freedom. But it's not righteous, so I guard my heart from a critical spirit.

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Jennifer LeClaire: It’s Time to Put On Your Prophetic Armor

You have probably noticed that spiritual warfare is increasing in the last days. It doesn't take a prophet to discern the raging culture wars, the bold rise of principalities like Jezebel, or the spirit of the world that has settled into a front row seat in far too many churches. Whether we like it or not, we are in a war.

In this timely e-book, I…

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Defeating the Jackal Spirit’s Piercing Nocturnal Attacks

During a deliverance session at Awakening House of Prayer I heard the Lord say something I had never heard before: "Bind the jackal spirit."

I hesitated for a moment because I was not familiar with that demon, but I obeyed. I took authority over the jackal spirit, commanded it to cease and desist its operations against the woman, told it to leave her home and…

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Banishing a Deadly End-Times Destiny-Killing Spirit From Your Life

"A spirit of offense is rising and running rampant through the church. Those who are easily offended are candidates for the Great Falling Away. Those who cultivate and maintain an unoffendable heart will escape many of the assignments the enemy will launch in the days to come."

I've shared this prophetic word with you twice now. I first heard it in December 2015 but since many in…

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