• 2019 The Year of the Decree

  • 5779: Prophetic Perspectives Into the New Year

  • Decoding Your Dreams: What the Lord May Be Saying to You While You Sleep (Paperback)

  • Defeating Water Spirits – Paperback

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2019 Prophecies Over Africa, Korea and Other Nations

Africa is coming out of years of wars and poverty, and there will be a radical change in government and politics. The wealth of their recourses will find a new market, managed with character. The ravaging of their tribes and communities with disease, poverty and...

Do You Need Healing? Start Doing This! | John & Janet Proodian with Sid Roth

▶▶Get your copy of Accelerated Healing by John Proodian: http://bit.ly/2JtsRbx ▶▶SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SidRothYouTube Sid Roth with John & Janet Proodian on It's Supernatural! © 2018 John Proodian is known for major miracles. But for 30 years before that he...

Catch Your Miracle with Heidi Baker! | Extended Interview with Sid Roth

▶▶Get your copy of Living from the Presence by Heidi Baker: http://bit.ly/2tdtWgH ▶▶SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SidRothYouTube Sid Roth with Heidi Baker on It's Supernatural! © 2018 This is the extended version of Sid Roth's interview with Heidi Baker. How does Heidi...

EXPECT A MIRACLE When You Watch This Video! | Aliss Cresswell

▶▶Get your copy of Be Healed & Stay Healed by Aliss Cresswell: http://bit.ly/2wcl8do ▶▶SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SidRothYouTube Sid Roth with Aliss Cresswell on It's Supernatural! © 2018 What Aliss Cresswell learned from her “miracle café” sounds more like the book...

How Actress Melissa Hart Went From ‘Teenage Witch’ To Spiritual Warfare For Jesus

It’s so inspiring to see an actress so open about her faith and spirituality!

10 Common Unbiblical Beliefs in the Contemporary Church

As an observer and participant in the broader Body of Christ since 1978, I have heard many things communicated that I deem un-biblical. Many of these teachings are so commonly believed and or are assumed that the average Christian embraces them without examining the...

Girl With Autism Brings Audience To Tears With Incredible Rendition of ‘Hallelujah’

We all have struggles and obstacles to overcome – we can learn a lot from this brave little girl!

“Football’s Not The Biggest Thing In My Life, My Faith Is” – Legendary Clemson QB, Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence, Clemson Tigers’ QB, is just 19-years-old making him ineligible for the NFL draft until 2021. But even at his young age, people are saying that he could be the best college football QB, next to his hero, Peyton Manning.It’s amazing to think that Trevor...

Joyce Meyer Surprises Viewers By Saying That Her Views On Prosperity Have Changed

Joyce shares an eye-opening lesson she’s learned in life

Worship Leaders Need Regular Silence

As worship leaders, it’s imperative that we regularly spend time in silence.Seems strange?Let me explain.Our job is worship. We live in music and spend a good amount of time pouring ourselves out in words during worship services, in discipleship, and sowing into our...

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