10 Characteristics of (so-called) Christian Cults

There have been numerous off shoots of Christianity that have turned out to be heretical cults. Because of the lack of biblical discernment, many people fall prey to them. One of the most popular of the cults that have many of the following characteristics is...

Warrior Angels: Sent to U.S. Borders

Recently I received a dream in which a large warrior angel appeared to me in the full armor of God. This was followed by a powerful encounter in which I was instructed to call forth guardian warrior angels and the shields of the Lord to guard the borders of the United...

Dream Interpretation Answers: Can I Receive My Calling in a Dream?

Dream expert Jennifer LeClaire offers answers to this and other dream interpretation questions.

Five Prophetic Points for 2019 and Beyond

As we march into critical times, there is a dramatic escalation of activity in the Spirit world being mirrored in the natural realm. Both dimensions reflect the intensity of the Last Days heavenly battle that seems to be kicking into higher gear. Not only are these...

Prophetic Word: The Floodgates Are Open for the Next 40 Days

What is a floodgate? Merriam-Webster defines it as "a gate for shutting out, admitting, or releasing a body of water," and "something serving to restrain an outburst." I prophesied in October about things that needed to come to a head coming to a head, for better or...

Ex-Devil Worshiper: “I’m Shocked Christians Celebrate Halloween”

Halloween seems like fun and games, but is it really that innocent?

Dutch Sheets Has a Word About the Mid-Term Elections

The midterm elections are taking place right around the corner -- next week, November 6. There’s a lot of noise that surrounds election times in our nation. What we are seeing on the news is a reflection, in the natural, of the enemy losing his grip; he is doing all...

Prophetic Warning: The Witch Movement’s Next Big Target

It’s been nearly a year—it was November 15, 2017 to be exact—that I blew the trumpet on the Christian witch movement brewing in the spirit. I issued a strong, bold prophetic warning about Christian witches rising using the name of Jesus. Now, here’s another one. I am...

Prophecy: What to Expect After Jewish Massacre in Pittsburgh

I was shocked. It was unexpected, but tragedies like the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting always are. I learned of this horrific event during my School of the Prophetic. I instructed my students to do a prophetic exercise I call “Current Events” where they prophesy into...


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