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5 Sure-Fire “To Dos” To Beat the Blues

Ever been in a funk? You know, a sudden onslaught of sadness, discouragement or depression, otherwise known as “the blues.” I’ll admit, every so often, these feelings attempt to rest on me. And if my defenses are down, I can allow it all to hang around for too long.A...

Do You Want To Learn How To Live From the Presence of God?

When you become a Christian and decide to invite Jesus into your heart, did you know that you are actually inviting Him to come live inside of you? The reality is that you are actually co-dwelling with the presence of God – every moment of your life.On the day of...

Stop Worrying about Your Kids

“And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.”  (Isaiah 54:13)Too many Christian parents today are wasting time worrying about their children.Years ago, Gloria and I saw the devil trying to get a foothold in our...

Jesus Broke the Power of Meth and Homelessness

Growing up, my home was a very toxic place to live. My parents were abusive toward each other and also toward me and my brothers and sisters. I remember going to church a lot—it seemed like we went every day for hours at a time. But yet I remember going home after...

Mega Announcement: Jennifer LeClaire Makes Major Shift in Ministry

I believe we’re in a kairos moment in the body of Christ.We’re seeing major ministries shift all around the world. The Call, IHOP, YWAM, Christ for All Nations…You can add my ministry to that list.As some of you may know, I recently returned from Singapore and...

5 Ways to Attract the Anointing of God – Part I

What is “the anointing”?Uncomfortable favor. That’s what she (Renee Evans, who with her husband, Joaquin, are our senior leaders at Bethel Austin) prayed over me the other day after telling her about my startup business. “Uncomfortable favor”. And I readily received...

Tapping Into the Law of Establishment

I kept hearing in the Spirit, "I call forth the law of establishment." It would not leave me but cycled for many minutes. The Spirit of the Lord had me declaring it out in our prayer meeting, and I knew there must be more revelation to come forth. Establish is defined...

Impartation of the Apostolic Prophetic Anointing

In this vlog, Jennifer releases a prophetic word about decrees but also releases boldness over the intercessors, comfort to those hurting and an apostolic prophetic anointing over pastors. ou can visit Jennifer's website online at https://www.jenniferleclaire.org or...

Heidi Baker Calls For Urgent Help As Mozambique Deals With Devastating Aftermath of Cyclone Idai

You may have seen the shocking news coverage of a nation still submerged after Cyclone Idai. According to the BBC at least 300 people are now confirmed dead due to the “catastrophic flooding” and others are still “clinging to roofs or stuck in trees.”The network has...

4 Supernatural Realities about Your New Life in Christ

The instant you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the Bibles affirms you underwent a supernatural metamorphosis, which transformed you from your old self into a new person in Christ (see 2 Cor. 5:17). This process, known as “regeneration,” provided you an...

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