I’ve been spontaneously prophesying on my Mornings with the Holy Sprit broadcast since 2014. Sometimes, the words don’t go further than the prayer call. But we archive them. 

I wanted to share this one with you, as it predicts the season we’re in now. We need to heed these words now and prepare for the future.

I heard the Lord say:

“For the days are growing darker and the time is growing short. And there will come a time, even soon, when things will look much differently in this world than what they’ve looked like in the past, or what you thought they’d look like in the future. For I am coming, and angels are coming to stir the waters, to stir the waters, to stir the waters.

“This will manifest as trouble in some parts of the world. It will manifest, as famine in some parts of the world; in lack in some parts of the world. But I am looking for a people, I am looking for a Bride, who will rise up without spot or wrinkle; without the competition mindset; without the ‘I have to be first’ positioning and posturing of the heart.

“I am looking for a Bride who will rise up without spot or wrinkle and serve the world who rejects them; serve the world who persecutes them; deliver them a message of hope amidst judgment–and see and know that I am the God who reconciles. For I have given you a ministry of reconciliation.

“So, go out even now and begin to get your neighbors saved; begin to get your coworkers saved; begin to get those around and about you informed about My love. Shine forth My light, for you are the light of the world because My son is in you. And you shine forth His light into the darkness. Don’t act like the lost souls. Rise up and differentiate yourself, marked by My love. All the world will know that you are My disciples by the love that you show for one another.

“So, forgive those who you need to forgive. Release that bitterness. Release that resentment because in the last days, many shall get offended and the love of many shall grow cold. And I am calling you to rise up with a fiery, burning love for those who even hate you; for those who even have persecuted you; for those who have come around and tried to destroy you.

“But I will lift you up and I will persevere you and I will invite you into My remnant. And you will see and know that there is safety in My presence. And you will not have to worry, nor will you have to fear for I, Myself, will cover you with My wings. So, you do your part because I’ve done My part. I’ve done My part. I’ve kept My promises to you, now keep your vows to Me. Don’t put off any longer doing those things which I told you to do that you never have time for.

“But press into the fullness of My will and the fullness of My Spirit and I will work wonders through you. I will work miracles through your hands and I will use you as a salvation agent in these last days so that many souls will be credited to your account in the sweet by and by, in the heavenly places.”

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