Now is not time to be dejected over what feels to many like a crushing blow with the loss of President Trump. Hear me, saints: You don’t have time to be dejected. You don’t have time to be disillusioned. There’s more work to be done because where Jezebel rose in the 1990s, Athaliah is rising in the 2020s. At some level, this is Jezebel’s revenge.

Don’t go hide in a cave from Jezebel, licking your wounds and focusing on what’s wrong with America. We cannot let Athaliah, Jezebel’s daughter, get the upper hand. Rather, it’s time to see the bigger picture and acknowledge a bonafide miracle in the midst of the mess: prayer warriors arose and, I hope, will not back down from the fight ahead just because they are weary from a prolonged election battle. 

While I believed Trump was God’s will for America, we know that we don’t always see God’s perfect will come to pass in the earth. Babies are aborted every day. Women are abused. People are murdered. None of this is God’s will. I can hardly believe the church didn’t pray hard enough with prayer movement leaders rallying the troops. The reality is, we live in a democracy not a theocracy. God doesn’t choose America’s presidents like He chose Israel’s kings in the Old Testament. 

No Time to Lay Blame

Now is not the time to lay blame on prophets or prayer warriors. Now is the time to embrace an undeniable truth and let hope arise to fuel our faith to contend for a Great Awakening despite a disappointment. That truth is this: “But we also know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” That verse from Romans 8:28 was in the context of prayer. 

I know God is not done with America. I know God is going to work our current reality out for our long-term good as we continue praying. We don’t have to stop now. We can’t stop now. 

The will of God for America supersedes a man in a white house with an oval office. The will of God for America supersedes the rulership of a political party that defies so many Christian values we hold so dear. The will of God supersedes a disappointing election outcome. We are awake, though perhaps disappointed. We are awake. Let’s not go back to sleep. I am still believing for the Third Great Awakening God told me about in 2007.

Governing the Earth

Mike Bikcle taught me that the government of the earth takes place in the prayer room. As leader of the Awakening House of Prayer Global Movement with hundreds of prayer hubs around the world, I believe that. In fact, I’ve never believed that more than I do right now. Isaiah says, “Of the increase of His government and of peace there shall be no end” (Isaiah 9:7).

The increase of God’s government does not depend solely on a man sitting in a historic white house in an oval office or a Prime Minister ruling in parliament or a Queen sitting on a throne or a dictator with oppressive rule. God is greater than man. God’s ways are higher than our ways.

God is not just Creator, God is is a creative God. He will give us creative prayer strategies and creative spiritual warfare strategies that defy all odds, like marching around Jericho day after day and then shouting the wall down, or going into battle with a worship team leading the charge without ever having to discharge a weapon.

Don’t Stop Praying Now

Intercessors from around the world are disillusioned. They are weary and they are discouraged. They want to give up praying. People are e-mailing me asking, “Why even bother praying anymore?” 

Please, don’t give up praying because you did’t get the answer you wanted. Take a few days off. Rest. Refresh. And then let’s press in for the new prayer strategy for our nation God will outline, which may be different for different cities and nations. This is not just about America. This is about a global awakening.

Let’s lean in to hear Jesus’ heartbeat and understand His creative strategy for this new era. Let’s look for ways to unite under the banner of Christ because where there’s unity, God commands a blessing (see Psalm 133). That’s what I’m doing with Awakening Prayer Hubs, with hundreds of prayer hubs in over 20 nations. Again, we’re after a global awakening.

Building Prayer Momentum

As more saints are equipped to intercede in alignment with the heart of the Father, the prayer movement becomes like a proverbial snowball rolling down a hill. Although our prayers are not solely results-focused, the results will eventually become visible if we remain faithful to believe God’s Word doesn’t return to Him void (see Isaiah 55:11). 

Let us not become weary or faint in praying for God’s will. We will reap a harvest from our faithful prayers if we do not give up (see Galatians 6:9). And reaping a harvest of prayer results can sure light a fire in the heart of a believer who wants to see God’s Kingdom manifest. As that fire spreads, so does God’s will across the earth. Let’s contend for the Third Great Awakening.

I heard the Lord say, “When you face an obstacle of any kind, you have two clear choices: Focus on the obstacle and get frustrated with the one you believe put it there; or focus on the solution and the One who has the wisdom to help you overcome the obstacle. There will always be obstacles, and if you focus too much on them, you’ll become discouraged. See the obstacles—but then turn to the One who has the wisdom and strategy that will lead you into victory. Only you control what you focus on.”

Will you join me in intercession? I am looking for 1,000 prayer warriors to raise up as prayer leaders. Find out more about the Awakening Prayer Hubs movement at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com.

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