Your words matter. They are one of the most important aspects of your life. They are an important characteristic of your life because they reveal who you are. Unlike any other thing in your life your words come from the depths of your essence. You will speak what is on the inside of yourself. This is a fact you cannot hide. You will speak from who you are. This is why your words really do matter.

What is on the inside of you? Is there life? Or is there death? Listen to your words, and you will know. Do you believe in yourself? Or do you doubt yourself? The world will know through the words you speak. You can try to deceive, but eventually, your words will reveal the truth about you. There is no way around this reality.

I grew up hearing a story about a woman, which illustrates this truth. One day, the woman and her brother-in-law began arguing. During the argument, the woman said, “I wish you were dead.” At work the next day, the brother-in-law had an accident while driving a company truck. The truck would not stop, and he jumped from the truck. After jumping, the truck trailer rolled over on him and killed him. For some time after, the woman was haunted by her words.

This woman spoke what was on the inside of her. Now, these words may not have come out of her at any other time, but at that moment, these words were within her, and she spoke them. Her words were directly connected to her character at that precise moment in time. In a very real way, she spoke her mind, and her words brought what was within her to the outside. This is the power of words.

Words have a way of fructifying. Words are like arrows, which hit their mark every time. Once released, you cannot bring them back. Even if you realize you should not have said them. You cannot grab them in midair and pull them back. They will continue until they reach their mark. This is a fact of living in the world. It does not matter if you believe this truth or not. Words will bring forth the reality of which they speak.

Can These Bones Live?

There is a story in Ezekiel 37 about the prophet Ezekiel having a vision. In the vision, Ezekiel saw a valley of dry bones. Holy Spirit asked Ezekiel, “Can these bones live?” Ezekiel answered, “Only you know, Lord.” Holy Spirit told Ezekiel to prophesy life over the bones. When Ezekiel prophesied as he was commanded, the bones received the breath of life. Sinew, muscle, and flesh covered the bones, and they stood to their feet. The words of Ezekiel brought life to these dry bones.

This story is an example of how words can bring life. Just like words can bring death, they can also bring life (Proverbs 18:21). There is power of life and death in the words you speak. Like Ezekiel, when you are faced with death, you can speak life and receive life. This is such a powerful truth. Your words matter.

Just think about this for a moment. What are you being faced with right now. What are your dry bones? Unemployment? Divorce? Bankruptcy? Debt? Illness? Foreclosure? Are your dry bones something more psychological? Low self-esteem? Depression? Anxiety? Worry? Unforgiveness? Or bitterness?

You do not have to accept any of these as your reality. You can change your reality through your words. You can say, “Unemployment. You are only temporary. Employment is coming to me. I call employment into existence.” By speaking this way, you will become a magnet to receive a job at just the right time. Or you could say, “Low self-esteem. I am not listening to your voice today. I am confident. I am bold. I have no reason to feel inferior.” As you talk these positive words, you will feel yourself becoming encouraged, and you will know confidence from within.

I know a young man who was always down on himself. He never said a kind word about anything he did. No matter what he did he was constantly criticizing his work. Nothing seemed to ever be good enough. The result is that he never experienced the success he desired. This young man thought he did not deserve anything good in his life.

Then one day he had an epiphany. He realized his only problem was his words. Of course, his negative words were due to his negative thoughts. Whenever he noticed his negative thoughts, he began to speak positive words. He would say, “I do deserve better. Good things come to me. I am a magnet for success.” After following this practice for several months, not only did his thoughts about himself become more positive, but the young man also began to attract success and good things into his life. He finally gained the self-confidence he wanted, and his life transformed for the better. This young man learned that his words really matter.


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