I feel that this is a season of transition, uprooting, and replanting. For each of us personally, this looks different. Let the Lord reveal and lead you in what He is transitioning, uprooting, and replanting in your life.

For some, it is literal, a physical transition; moving locations, changing jobs, getting married, having a baby, or some other life-changing event. I sense for those where your transition is literal; God is giving you the grace to move into the new with fresh hope and joy that will heal and separate you from the past seasons of discouragement and hopelessness. These transitions mark the leaving the old season and moving you into the future that God has for you.

For others, this transition is a mindset change. God is uprooting doubt-filled thoughts, thoughts of limitation, habits, negative relationships, wrong beliefs, and replanting you into new structures designed for you to grow, mature, and become fruitful.

This process might seem scary because you are leaving what you have grown comfortable with and used to, but the transition is for your best in God. 2019 is a year of shifts and change as God moves to uproot and replant us in the best environment and situations for us to develop into who is calling us to be in this next season.

After the transition and the uprooting, there is replanting. The replanting is putting you in the best soil for your growth and producing fruit. This replanting is not just a physical change or a mental change, but it is also an attitude change. God wants to develop inside of us a spiritual maturity. This attitude change is to step into a place of taking responsibility, for what God has called you to do. It’s becoming a mature son or daughter of God. Let God replant you in the place where you can produce good fruit for him.



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