Christians and the Trance Realm

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 24, 2019|

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God is Establishing Covenant Promises by Faith in 5780

by Dr. Candice Smithyman | October 16, 2019|

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8 Proclamations for 5780 & Beyond

by James Goll | October 13, 2019|

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Prophecy: As Scotland Goes, So Goes the United Kingdom

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 9, 2019|

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Prophecy: Berlin is the Backstop

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 8, 2019|

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It Is Finished! Break Forth Into the New!

by Chuck D. Pierce | September 26, 2019|

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A Wave of Travail Will Usher in the Greatest Move of God

by Lana Vawser | September 24, 2019|

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I Hear the Sound of Your Sudden Breakthrough!

by Agnes Ebedi | September 20, 2019|

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Shields Up! Prayer Alert for Iran and the Middle East

by Cindy Jacobs | September 20, 2019|

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Prophecy: I Am Raising Up a New Breed of Deliverance Ministers

by Jennifer LeClaire | September 18, 2019|

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God Is Giving New Power to Break Things Open

by Doug Addison | September 14, 2019|

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Prophecy: Queen Elizabeth Needs Prayer for Bold Move

by Jennifer LeClaire | September 14, 2019|

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