Jennifer LeClaire Prophesies ‘Spain an Agent of Transformation in Europe’

ISIS is claiming responsibility for a terror attack that killed 14 and injured 130 in Barcelona. A manhunt is underway to capture the terrorists.

This news struck my heart. I’m praying for Spain.

Nearly a year ago, I was in Spain doing a short ministry tour. I had a strong wave of spiritual emotion rush over me in the last service. The Lord told me He was knitting my heart to the land—and that the land had a destiny in God as one that holds a key to transformation in Europe. The Lord said:

A Hidden Key to Walking in Holy Ghost Power

The kingdom of God is not based on talk but on power (1 Cor. 4:20). But how do we tap into that power? How do you position yourself to move in God’s “dunamis”—the power for performing miracles that opens the eyes of the lost to the love of Christ?

I am convinced if we want to see Book of Acts-like power manifesting in our lives, we need to understand the dynamics that unlocked and unleashed that power in the early church. At least three of those dynamics are in Acts 1 and 2.

Imagine the scene: Jesus appeared to His disciples for 40 days, teaching them about the kingdom of God. After His impromptu seminar, He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for the Father’s promise. Jesus prophesied they would receive power when they were baptized in the Holy Spirit. He disappeared in a supernatural swirl, taken up into a cloud followed by two angels prophesying He would return in the same way (Acts 1:8-10).

God is About to Deal With the ‘Jonah’ Prophets

Jonah prophets—those prophets who would rather see a nation destroyed because they are bitter in spirit—are pontificating and prophesying about doom, gloom, cataclysmic disasters, catastrophic calamities, foreboding horrors and the like.

And these Jonah prophets are gaining quite a following—and putting a pretty penny in their pockets with petty fear-mongering campaigns.

But God is about to deal with the Jonah prophets.

When You Find Yourself in a Mega Personal Prophecy Swirl

I hadn’t received a significant personal prophecy from the Lord in years—nor was I looking for one. While I used to crave prophetic words as a young Christian, I’ve learned not look to man as a mediator to deliver messages from God.

That said, I value personal prophetic ministry. That’s one reason we have prophecy rooms every Friday night at the Awakening House of Prayer. A prophetic word delivered in due season can change someone’s life (see Prov. 15:23). And when we’re going through mega trials that are rocking our emotions, it can be difficult to discern the will of the Lord.

The purpose of New Testament prophecy is to edify, comfort and exhort (see 1 Cor. 14:3). Personal prophecy can build you up when the enemy is tearing you down. Personal prophecy can comfort you during an instant crisis or a prolonged storm. Personal prophecy can exhort you to take action—and inspire the faith in you to run to the battle line.

R Kelly, Brainwashing and Christian Cults

R&B singer R Kelly flat out denies allegations he’s holding young women in an “abusive cult” that brainwashes women. Kelly’s attorney is working “diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.”

I won’t accuse or defend Kelly. I will use this opportunity to dive into the world of Christian cults.

I’d highly recommend heading over to Mike Bickle’s teaching library and listening to the message for yourself. I’ve summarized the points of “How to Recognize Cults: 7 Characteristics” below in order to get the message out to more people. When I first heard Mike’s teaching on Christian cults, it really opened my eyes. I pray this will open your eyes, too.

Seven Characteristics of a Cult
Bickle defines a cult as, “a group that deviates from the doctrines and practices of historic Christianity and has an inordinate loyalty to one leader, whose beliefs are not found in Scripture (as affirmed by historic Christianity).

Cult leaders, or false teachers, often believe that they alone possess the truth. If a group displays even one of these seven characteristics, they are a cult or have cultish tendencies.” Here are the seven characteristics of a cult as Bickle outlined them:

Prophecy: A Movement of Movements

Although God is the same today, yesterday and forever, He’s always moving. Recently, the Lord started talking to me about a movement of movements and then I started seeing movements birthing left and right.

There’s Lou Engle’s Rise Up women’s movement. Scott Nary’s 420 Fire power evangelism movement. The Reach Initiative’s young prophet’s movement. And, of course, my Awakening Blaze prayer movement. It is, indeed, a movement of movements.

17 Things You Must Know About Angels in This Hour

When I first got saved, my eyes were opened to the reality of angels. I was living in Ozark—a small town in Alabama that was essentially my wilderness place—and diligently looking for a church to call my home when I found a Pentecostal congregation that was radical in its faith.

The first time I walked through the doors, I saw a display of feathers. Being newly saved, I had no idea what in the world this signified. One of the members excitedly explained these were feathers that had fallen into the sanctuary in past services.

Of course, I was skeptical—until feathers started falling into the sanctuary right before my eyes. After seeing so much New Age angel philosophy creep into the church, I shied away from angels. But in the last couple of years I’ve resumed my study and discovered angels are on assignment to help us more than we realize. (You can read my prophetic word about angels here.)