Urgent Prophetic Warning ‘The Spoilers Are Coming’

I heard the Lord say, “The spoilers are coming.” In that moment, I felt a sense of urgency in my spirit like what Paul Revere probably experienced when he rode through the streets of Boston on his horse warning that the British were coming at the start of the Revolutionary War.

Many of you are fighting a revolutionary war. It’s radical warfare against your radical freedom. It’s a radical assault against your radical pursuit of God’s Spirit.

What you may not know is that you’re fighting against the spoilers. We find 19 references to “spoilers” in the Bible. Spoiler demons work under the John 10:10 mandate to steal, kill and destroy. Spoilers are plunderers. Plunder means “to take the goods of by force (as in war)” and “to take by force or wrongfully,” according to Merriam-Webster.

A Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan for Ultimate Victory

Before you set out to battle, you need a battle plan. It starts with understanding your enemy, understanding your God, and understanding who you are in Him.

We must understand out enemy. Paul admonished us not to be ignorant of the devil's devices (2 Cor. 2:11). I've learned a lot about the enemy in my exploits. I share about it in my new book, The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan: Unmasking 15 Harassing Spirits That Want to Destroy Your Life. 

October Prophecy: Radicals Rising for Breakthrough Restoration

When we hear the word "radical," we often get the impression of terrorism or a football fanatic. But God is calling for radical lovers of Jesus to rise up in this hour.

I heard the Lord say, "Radicals are rising to steal, kill and destroy My plans and purposes in the earth--and in your life. Radical demons have wreaked havoc on churches, families and individuals, bringing sickness, disease, poverty and mind battles that have caused many to abandon their callings and abort their purposes... But I am blowing a radical wind of My Spirit on the willing in this season."

Beware: Wicked Witchcraft Season Now Raging Against Believers

To everything there is a season—and this is the season where witchcraft gets heavy, demonic imaginations target minds and infirmities inflict bodies.

Of course, Jezebel and her witchcrafts can creep onto the scene any time of the year. But every single October for as far back as I can remember I see an onslaught of spiritual attacks from every direction. It’s like clockwork.

What is witchcraft? Merriam-Webster defines witchcraft as the use of magical powers obtained especially from evil spirits; the use of sorcery or magic; communication with the devil or the familiar. You might think of the Voodoo priests or the witch doctors, but as I've said before even Christians can release witchcraft at you with their thoughts and words.

Witchcraft can be in the spiritual atmosphere due to demonic activity from those practicing its various expressions—but witchcraft can also be released directly at you as a spiritual attack. During this time of year, we see a celebration of darkness and evil. You can’t walk into a retail store without seeing vampires, witches, ghouls and goblins.

3 Prophetic Words about the Spiritual Battle You’re Fighting

In this season, people from around the world are contacting me about the rising spiritual warfare. The Holy Spirit gave me three prophet words about spiritual warfare that I hope encourage you in the battle. You can read them below.

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Will the Esthers and Deborahs Please Rise Up?

Jehovah Nissi deployed both Esther and Deborah to demolish the enemy’s plans to kill, steal and destroy His people at strategic times in the nation’s history.

Esther stood in prayer and fasting that I believe unleased the heavenly host to execute God’s will in the earth. Deborah ran to the battle line with a natural army that saw enemy plots quashed. Both women displayed faith and works and saw life spring forth where the enemy planned to bring death and destruction.

Now, once again the Lord is calling women to the frontlines to combat the wicked forces working to push Jesus out of the public square, take the next generation captive to deception and otherwise stall a Third Great Awakening.

September Prophecy: Unlocking The Mega Rewards of Honor

“Many have sown dishonor, disrespect and discord and are seeing the fruit of unrighteousness in their life.”

I heard the Lord say:

Honor releases My blessing, My anointing and My great rewards. Many have sown dishonor, disrespect and discord and are seeing the fruit of unrighteousness in their life. They have not understood or recognized the glory that comes from walking in honor.

Beware Modern-Day Saducees Who Try to Rob Your Suddenly God Encounters

For all the talk about modern-day Pharisees, there are plenty of Saducees running around the church wreaking havoc on people who have faith to believe in the resurrection power of God at work in the lives of the saints.

We get a glimpse into this mindset in Acts 2:6-9 when Paul was standing before the high priest making his defense against accusations from the Jews:

Sick, Shameful Lie About Joel Osteen Goes Massively Viral

Hurricane Harvey has brought devastation to Houston. The National Weather Service called it “beyond anything experienced.” Many were killed and it will take years for the state to fully recover from the wicked storm’s impacts.

Amid this, some bait click opportunists are using the moment to attack Joel Osteen—and the mainstream news media is falling for the bait hook, line and sinker.

According to the Babylon Bee:

Although Joel Osteen took flak over the weekend for closing up his church to flood victims and all but disappearing during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the megachurch pastor reportedly returned to the city on his luxury yacht “S.S. Blessed” to make amends Tuesday by tossing copies of Your Best Life Now to stranded flood survivors.