8 Critical Keys to Transitioning Into Your Next Season

It’s still the year of shifting seasons and suddenlies. When I prophesied those words earlier this year, I had no idea just how many shifts and suddenlies I’d see!

My entire ministry shifted in a dramatic way. My personal relationships saw mega-shifts. I experienced more suddenlies than I can count on both hands. Truly, it was another year of transition for me and many others.

Maybe you’re still in transition. If so, remember what I said earlier this year: We can’t do God’s part, but God won’t do our part. Our part is to position ourselves for the shift—and that means creating a climate that sets the stage for God to move in our lives. We can't shift our seasons—God does that. But we can create a climate that invites Him to do the work in our hearts that prepares us for the next season.

Prophecy: We’re in a Season of Promotions and Demotions

I prophesied earlier this year that 2016 would be marked by shifting seasons and suddenlies. Part of those shifting seasons and suddenlies includes promotions and demotions. God is going to raise up the humble, hardworking saints and humble the prideful ones with wrong motives. Put another way, doors are going to open for some, and opportunities will diminish for others. The Lord spoke these words to me:

"I am promoting My faithful ones in this season to positions in My spirit and in the natural that defy human reasoning. My faithful ones have prayed and sought My face and walked in My will with the little things, and I am making them ruler over more in My kingdom. Those faithless ones will be demoted while my faithful ones are raised up in this hour. Those walking in pride will be brought low. Those walking in arrogance will not stand in My special places in this season. But those who have walked in the low places with Me, I will exalt and raise up and send out with an anointing to stand and withstand in this hour."

When the Holy Spirit Foils the Enemy’s Destructive Plans

We all know the Holy Spirit is our Helper. We know He leads and guides us. We know He is our peace. We know He shows us things to come. We know He is faithful, trustworthy and He has our back.

I got a deeper revelation of all of these realities on a recent ministry trip to London and Spain. I was having the time of my life establishing a New Breed Revival Network field office in the United Kingdom with Ryan LeStrange. The glory of God was rich. The fire of God was falling—and in the midst of all this supernatural fun I got a check in my spirit.

It wasn't a still small voice giving me an instruction. It was just an impression in my spirit—a knowing that something wasn't quite right. I felt an urgency to check the safety of my passport. It wasn't in the pocket in which I always secure it. It wasn't in any of the other pockets either. Rather than panicking, I decided to embrace the glory in the meeting and deal with it later. After all, what could I do in that moment? So kept this to myself and jumped in the river of revival.

2 Miracle Stealers We Need to Bind and Break Right Now

I've been decreeing and declaring—and witnessing—more miracles in the past year than I've seen in the past 10 years. We saw stage 4 cancer healed at Awakening Healing Rooms, and I saw legally blind eyes opened in my recent California meetings.

Indeed, we've entered into a season of astounding miracles in America—and this is just the first fruits of a new healing movement emerging even now. I am convinced only two things are holding back a mass outbreak of God's miracle-working power: unbelief and a works mentality. The unbelief will fade away as the number of undeniable miracles increases, because faith not only comes by hearing but also by seeing. The works issue is a different story.

Even after we've witnessed miracles, many times we try to work our way into kingdom manifestations due to teachings that insist we must confess our way to breakthrough. I believe in declaring the Word, but the Lord declares, "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit" (Zech. 4:6). On the other end of the spectrum, we have religious spirits that deny the gifts of the Spirit still operate today (2 Tim. 3:5). Paul said we are to turn away from religion that denies the power of God.

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Pursuing Unity Doesn’t Mean Tolerating Compromise!

Unity. It's an issue the Lord has put heavy on my heart—because it's heavy on His heart. Last week I suggested that the real reason we don't see revival is not because we haven't petitioned heaven enough and not because God doesn't want to send revival.

As I said last week, I believe one of the reasons we don't see revival in America is because the discord, disharmony and strife—the lack of unity—is hindering a move of God. I see so many trying to build their own kingdoms instead of working to build the kingdom of God. I see so many trying to attract people to their church instead of trying to attract people to Jesus. My brethren, this ought not be so.

That said, unity doesn't mean we compromise with sin in the church to avoid stirring the waters. Unity doesn't mean we ignore deeper issues that will ultimately bring destruction to the people's lives. Unity doesn't mean preaching a gospel of inclusion. Unity is not letting preachers from faiths that are out of line with the gospel of salvation in your pulpit to share a message. We cannot compromise the gospel at any cost.

The Real Reason We Don’t See Revival

Year after year I hear the same prayers rising to heaven from many denominations, flows and camps across the body of Christ: "God, pour out your Spirit. Send revival."

Yet, that fervent prayer seems to be ineffective. Those prayers seem to go unanswered. What gives? Doesn't God want to send revival? Doesn't God want to see the church wake up and rise up? Doesn't God want to see the flood of souls come into the kingdom that results from an awakening?

Why won't God answer our intercessory prayers? Doesn't James 5:16 (AMP) say, "The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]?"

Are our prayers not heartfelt enough? The prayers for revival I hear sound heartfelt to me. Do we lack persistence? Not so that I can tell. Do we lack righteousness? Not in Christ. Does God lack the power to bring revival to our nation? Of course not! So what gives?

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