Beware Modern-Day Saducees Who Try to Rob Your Suddenly God Encounters

For all the talk about modern-day Pharisees, there are plenty of Saducees running around the church wreaking havoc on people who have faith to believe in the resurrection power of God at work in the lives of the saints.

We get a glimpse into this mindset in Acts 2:6-9 when Paul was standing before the high priest making his defense against accusations from the Jews:

Jennifer LeClaire: True and False Angelic Encounters Rising

Angel encounters are rising around the world. Even secular media—CBS, ABC and the likes—are covering human encounters with angels.

While I don’t doubt the rise of angelic activity in this hour, I am concerned that some are encountering demonic forces disguising themselves as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:4).

When Treacherous Judas Spirits Surround You on Every Side

I'm a trusting person. I don't throw discernment out the window when I encounter new people, but neither do I enter into new relationships with suspicion.

Essentially, I choose to believe the best; to take people at their word; and to give people the benefit of the doubt. To put it another way, I trust people until they give me a reason not to.

Most of the time, this mindset lays a foundation for strong, trusting relationships. Sometimes, though, you get blind-sided by someone you thought you could trust. Still, I would rather operate with an open, discerning heart than a closed, suspicious soul. I believe this is God's will for our lives.

4 Keys to Press into Your Personal Mega Move of God

I heard the Lord say: Mega grace and mega faith equals a mega movement. The prophecy continues:

“My grace is sufficient for you and I’ve given you the measure of faith. I will move on your behalf when you step out in faith and rely on My grace to obey the words I have spoken to your heart.

“I will make impossible things possible. I will show you ways over, around and through things that have held you back in past seasons. I will make a way for you as you release faith-filled words and appropriate My grace that dwells on the inside of you.

4 Ways to Press Into Justice for Mega Payback and Vindication

We’re still pressing into payback, the word of the Lord in April—and it's not over. As I said last week, prophetic words don't expire unless the Lord dates them. We're in a season of payback and we need to keep contending until we see it manifest!

Part of pressing in is positioning your heart for the payback. Last week, I offered you three keys to position yourself for mega payback. This week, I’m sharing four more because I’m determined to see you receive God’s justice in your life in every area where the enemy has meddled.

3 Keys to Position Yourself for Mega Payback

Payback. It was the word of the Lord in April—and it’s not over. Prophetic words don’t expire unless the Lord dates them. In other words, we’re in a season of payback and we need to keep pressing into it. Part of pressing in is positioning your heart for the payback.

Let’s dive right in to three keys to readying yourself to receive God’s restoration in your finances, relationships, health—or any other area the enemy has manifested. Keep in mind as you read these words that God is a God of payback. He tells us, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay (Rom. 12:19). He gave Job double for his trouble (Job 42:10). He assures us the thief who is caught must repay seven times (Prov. 6:31).

The Great ‘Guardian Angel’ Debate

Most Americans believe in guardian angels. In fact, more than half of all adults—including 20 percent who say they are not religious—absolutely believe a guardian angel has protected them during their life. That’s according to a Baylor University for Studies on Religion survey.

"A lot of times when people hear about angels, they think about these cartoon figures with wings, halos and harps," John Ortberg, senior pastors at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California, told ABC News. "I don't think that's the idea. I think the idea is that we live in a spiritual reality and these are spiritual beings that God's created and we call them angels."

Psalm 91 points to the reality of guardian angels. The passage assures us God will command His angels to guard us in all our ways. Psalm 34 tells us angels encamp around those who fear Him. And Matthew 18:10 also suggests we have guardian angels. But there is still some debate over this in Christian circles.

Troubling Heresy About Angels Rising in This Hour

There are many myths circulating the body of Christ about angels these days. You can trace the root of most of them back to the New Age movement and various false religions, as well as pop culture’s influence on society and the church.

But there’s one troubling heresy about angels that is rising rapidly in this hour. Although it’s nothing particularly new—like Solomon said, “There’s nothing new under the sun” (Ecc. 1:9)—what I am seeing and hearing in some camps in Christendom is disturbing.

I have seen this for a long time, but with the roll out of my new book, Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest, I once again notice how many sincere believers have been taught wrong ideas about the ministry of angels.