Prophesying Into the Next Level

I prophesy a next level for you. For some of you, there's a relationship. It's poisoning you, and you know it. There's a soul tie there. You need to break that in Jesus’ Name. Father, I thank You this morning. I thank You this morning. I thank You this morning for what You are doing in Jesus’ Name.

There's a next for you. I prophesy a next to you. Some of you are so tired of sitting in the places of the past. Some of feel stuck in the past. You feel like you don't know how to go forward. You feel like all the things that I've prayed, and all the things I've prophesied, and all the things I’re saying, "Yes, Lord, I agree. I want that intimacy. I want that intimacy. I want that next. I want that fire. I want those things. I want all those things that we've been praying, God, and I don't know how to get there.”

The Lord would say, “It will indeed take a new perspective. It will indeed take a new fresh start on your part, because it seems like every time you step out to press into intimacy,” says God,  “that you have these old temptations come in. These old enemies rise up against you to destroy you and distract you. Old temptations come, to bring you into sin and away from my heart. Old enemies come to distract you, even new people will come into your live, and it seems like these are good opportunities. It seems like this is the next,” says God, “but it's not the next. Everything--every opportunity, every door--is not of Me,” says God. “So consecrate yourself, and keep yourself apart from those things that would defile you, those things that would tempt you, those things that would cause you to stray from my heart. Set yourself apart. Keep yourself away from those things, because I have things I want to share with you. I have plans I want to tell you and purposes that I want to reveal to you” says God. “You must set yourself apart.”

Spiritual Warfare: Deliverance From Unworthiness and Religious Spirits

There are some people on this broadcast, and you just feel like you’ve been going around in circles, and circles and circles. You’ve almost begun to question God. (“Why is it so hard? Why won’t You help me? Why are you allowing this?”).

There are people under the sound of my voice, and you don’t feel worthy. That’s why you never go forward completely and fully with what the Lord God has called you to do. Because the enemy has convinced you that you are not worthy, and every time you make a misstep, you say, “See, I wasn’t worthy. I couldn’t cut muster. I didn’t know how to go the full measure.”  

I break that voice off you in Jesus’ Name! That voice of unworthiness, I bind you in Jesus’ Name. I thank You, God, that in Christ, we are worthy. In our own selves, we’re not. Our righteousness is like filthy rags, but oh God, You have made us worthy. You have made us worthy to receive blessings; you have made us worthy to receive revelation. You have made us worthy to receive everything that You want to do for us, give us, and make for us, God. Oh, I break that assignment that makes you feel unworthy, that makes you feel like a lowly worm, that makes you feel like you are just not good enough, that you just can’t do it, that there’s no way. Just because you fell last time, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fall again.

Prophecy: The Door, the Handle and the Turning Keys

I feel that the Lord wants to turn the written word into a Rhema word. If you will just get into the word...if you’ll just meditate upon it...the Lord will begin to speak to your heart. Not only will the Scriptures come alive, but He will begin to speak to you about other things, even mysteries, even problems, even things in your life that you’ve been looking for answers about. The Lord will begin to speak to you.

The Lord says, “You need to settle your mind on My Word, and then My Rhema word will come to you. You need to settle your mind on the Scripture. You need to settle it. You need to calm it. You need to steady it on My Word,” says God, “and I will begin to speak to your heart. You need to hear that still small voice that will not be defied. Then those things that I speak to you in that secret place, you will grab hold of them. You will grab hold of them.”

I see somebody just grabbing hold of the word as if it has a big handle on it. I see a big vertical handle, and I just see somebody grabbing hold of the Word as if it has a handle on it. And when you grab hold of that handle, you’re gonna open the door that you’re gonna walk through. It’s the word that makes entrance--the word that brings light. It’s the word that lights a path unto your feet, and is a light unto your feet. I thank You, Lord, that we can grab hold of the handle today in Jesus’ Name.

Prophecy: Resurrecting Dreams and Payback

“I’m going to resurrect some things. In this season in your life, I’m going to resurrect some things. Just like I resurrected my Son from the dead, there are some dead things in your life, and I’m wanting to resurrect them. So seek Me, “says the Lord, “and listen for my voice, because there will be some distractions that come your way that cause you to go after a resurrection in an area that I’m not calling you to pursue, and that will cause you to go after a resurrection in a stream that I have not called you to run in. There are some things indeed,” says God, “that you need to leave behind, that you need to cut loose, and that you need to let go. But there are some things that I’m going to resurrect in your life...even some dreams, some visions, some things that I spoke to your heart many years ago.”

I thank You, Lord. If You could raise Jesus from the dead...if you could raise us up into newness of life, God, You can resurrect our dreams. You can resurrect our hopes. You can resurrect!

Prophecy: Get off the Mind Traffic Train

The Lord shows me that some of you are on the mind traffic train. It makes a lot of noise. It shakes you. It rumbles…it’s going around in circles. It’s going from place to place. It’s stopping at those old familiar spots in your soul. It’s stopping at the point of abandonment, and it’s stopping at the depot of rejection. It’s doing a round-about around the road of fear.

Oh Lord, help us to stop this mind trafficking in the name of the Lord. We thank You, Lord, that You derail that mind traffic train. God, interrupt our thoughts with Your thoughts. Your thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and Your ways are higher than our ways, God. Help us to do what Your word says and meditate on the things that are above and that are not the things of the world--to meditate on what is pure and lovely, and what is of a good report.   

That mind traffic train that is stopping at different depots of the past--those things that come up from your past--we sever those right now in Jesus’ Name. Oh Lord, heal the emotions of the people on this call--those emotions that serve like magnets, to pull them back into a place of the past that no longer exists except in their mind. I thank you, Lord. Help us to get off the mind traffic train God.

Prophecy: Trade Your Discouragement for Determination

I heard the Lord says: “Trade your discouragement for determination. Trade the deterring of the devil for for the determination of my heart, because I’m about to put my determination on the inside of you, if you choose to surrender, you will see, I will strengthen you. I will cause you to rise up and fight in a new way. I will cause you to see things the way I see them and it will build your faith.  It will build your faith.”

The Lord says: “Get determined, get determined that nothing can stop you, because in reality nothing can stop you, except you. The  devil can’t stop you. The devil can’t prevent you from following Me. The devil can’t keep you from doing my will. The devil can’t stop you from exalting me and praising me in the midst of a trial. Get determined this morning and I will strengthen you to a new level, to a new height, and you will see that things that were so hard for you in the past seasons says God won’t be so hard anymore because your determination will carry you. The determination attracts my anointing. The determination to do what I have said attracts My grace. The determination to obey My heart, it attracts my presence.

Prophetic Prayer: Pull Down Your Pay Back

I say no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that has risen up against you shall be condemned. Those demonic tongues, they are being condemned even now.

The Lord would say to you, “Vengeance is mine. I will repay. Yes even now because we are in a season of pay back. We are in a time of pay back, says God, so pull down what belongs to you out of the spirit. Pull down your vindication. Pull down your vengeance against the wicked one. Pull down that pay back. Pull down the restoration. Pull down the reconciliation. Pull it down in Jesus’ name. Pull it down with your faith, says God. Look to My promises, all of my promises they cover everything in your life. They cover your prodigals and they cover your physical body. They cover your mind. They cover your finances. They cover everything. Everything hangs on my promises.Let your life hang on my promises,” says God. “Let your life hang on my promises. Let your life hang on my promises, not on fear and not on guilt. Don’t let your life hang on the enemy’s plans for you but let your life hang on my pans and thoughts and plans for you.”

Deliverance From the Spirit of Worry

I hear the Lord say, “Your worry it has no power, but it actually drains the power.  It drains your prayer power because when you are worrying you are not praying in faith. You’re praying out of a place of worry. You’re praying out of a place of fear. You’re praying out of a place of timidity. You are not sure if I am hearing you or not.  Not sure, not knowing if I will answer you or not. Not sure, not knowing if I am willing or not. I am willing, I am willing, I am willing and when you pray My Word, when it reaches My ears you can be assured that I am going to answer you.  

The Lord Is Mantling Intercessors With Boldness

The Lord is calling for intercessors that will stand in the gap. I feel a strong unction for the Intercessors to arise. Intercessors, the Lord is putting a new mantle on you. He is putting a new mantle on you, a mantle of boldness on you. Someone needs to receive it.

All the intercessors that have been faithful, that have been pressing, that have been pushing back darkness, that have been decreeing and declaring what the Lord says are receiving a new mantle of boldness.

The Lord has been mantling you with new boldness to go into territories that you have not gone into before in the Spirit, to take on enemies that you have not fought before, by the Spirit, led by the Holy Ghost. He’s putting a new boldness on you to tackle issues in society like abortion, like perversion, things that have come to infiltrate the church and those things that have come and to take out babies. There is a boldness to come against those things that have come to wreck our marriages, and things that have come to pollute the Gospel.