Resist the devil… and he will flee

I was teaching a class at church this morning on healing. I was expounding on James 4:7, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

What does it mean to resist the devil? This is part and parcel of spiritual warfare. When we submit ourselves to God’s Word, we are, in fact, resisting the devil. But beyond that, resisting the devil means resisting the attacks he launches against us; attacks such as fear, doubt, sickness, discouragement, etc. These things are not of God and are contrary to God’s will for us.

So when fear comes, I engage in spiritual battle by opening my holy mouth and saying, “I resist you fear, in the name of Jesus. God had not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” When sickness tries to find a home on my physical body, I resist it. When doubt comes, I resist it. We need to actively resist emotions, thoughts, and physical manifestations in our bodies that are not from God. Resisting means speaking against it.