Recently, as I’ve talked to many people, I have seen that the stress levels seem to be off the charts right now.

And the Lord says, “I don’t want you to get distressed in the time of stress, for there is pressure internally, and there’s pressure externally. As you look to Me, understand I am your peace in the middle of the storm. I am the One that takes the pressure off of you because, if you come to Me, I’m going to start taking those levels of stress off you. Come unto Me, all you who are heavy laden and burdened.”

The Lord says, “I don’t want you to feel the burden; I don’t want you to get into distress. I see every pain in your body, and I want to take it. I see the stress of your mind, the bombardment in your emotions. I want to give you peace in the midst of your brain-storm.”

I see a storm of people’s minds that are just swirling, swirling, swirling. Sometimes you have been in that condition so long, you just end up living with the swirl. But the Lord says, “I want to heal you. I want to heal your mind; I want to heal your emotions. I’m going to take the distress off of you, and I’m going to put peace on you.”

I want to pray for you right now. Father, I just pray for peace. Lord, You promised us that you’d give us peace that passes understanding. And Lord, so many times, our understanding is overwhelming our peace. So, Father, I thank You for comfort; I thank You for peace; I thank You that we’re going to be able to get centered on the Lord and who He is. And I thank You that You’re going to take away the distress and bring us peace.


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  1. Barbara Spieler

    Appreciate this kind uplifting word. I’m sure many people in trials, wishing answers and promises would come forward with divine clarity..so thank you for encouragement


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