Snopes reports On 4 May 2018, the web site Daily World Update published an article reporting that Hillary Clinton had died suddenly of a previously unknown medical condition:

Doctors are scrambling to figure out exactly what it was that killed Hillary Clinton this afternoon. Clinton, who woke up feeling fine this morning, lapsed into a coma by noon and died shortly after dinner. Doctors at the CDC said her insides had turned to Jiffy Baking Mix in a matter of hours and that she is the first confirmed case and death:
“As of now we’re calling it ‘Hillary Clinton Syndrome.’ Apparently what happened is a gene that had remained dormant in her for 70 years was activated when she came in contact with Donald trump’s $4 cologne. Here we are, less than a year after the first debate and you could use her to make perfect dumplings.”
Doctors say the likelihood of anyone else contracting the disease is low, considering it’s a genetic anomaly that requires Hillary Clinton’s DNA and an hour of being stalked onstage by a sexual predator.
is it true? Here’s the facts. Be careful what you read on the Internet.


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