Satan’s existence is the provocative topic of ABC News “Nightline’s” third Face-Off airing tomorrow, Thursday, March 26th at 11:35pm ET/PT. The “Nightline Face Off” series, launched two years ago, brings hot topics to the table for discussion and debate among prominent voices in their field.

This face off features Dr. Deepak Chapra and Bishop Carlton Pearson debating Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church. In my opinion, this is a ridiculous display, one that is allowing the secular media to essentially poke fun at the Church. This may do nothing more than offer a platform to the devil to try to convince the world he doesn’t exist so he can continue to lead souls into hell.

Let us pray that Pastor Driscoll will offer some convincing insights about our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m sure he’s feeling the spiritual warfare. You can see a commercial for the segment here. Seems like he’s taken on the job of defending the name of Christ against two new agers. God bless him.


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