On one of my Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer broadcasts, I heard the Lord say: “Behold, I do a new thing. Behold, I do a new thing, I do a new thing. I do not do an old thing.”

Beloved, the Lord is not doing what He did yesterday. The Lord is doing a new thing. He’s not doing what He did 10 years ago. Stop looking backwards. Reject the longings of yesterday.

The Lord showed me many are looking over their shoulder to the past; looking over their shoulder at the devil, wondering, “Is he chasing me? Is he after me?” I break that assignment to look over your shoulder, in the name of Jesus!

Don’t look back. Don’t be like Lot’s wife, paralyzed by your past. Don’t look over your shoulder and turn into a pillar of salt, mesmerized by the destruction of the past. Look up; be heavenly minded.

The Lord shows many are being persecuted. We’re to act like Stephen the evangelist in the Book of Acts. The religious haters of the day were stoning him. As he was dying, he looked up to heaven and saw Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father and said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” He took a page out of Jesus’ book when He was on the cross and cried out—“Forgive them Father, for they don’t know what they are doing.”

Many have been persecuted in this season. You’ve been maligned. You’ve been under appreciated. You’ve been overwhelmed. Whatever they’ve done to you, just look up at Jesus, just look up at the heavens.

Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father. Do you know what He’s doing? The Bible says that Jesus ever lives to make intercession for you (see Hebrews 7:25). He’s praying for you. You can make it.

Press! It’s time to press past that hard place. Maybe you’ve wallowed in it. Maybe you’ve felt sorry for yourself. You have no reason to feel sorry for yourself. You’re a child of the king. The devil is under your feet. That self-pity is just a snare of the devil.

No more, “Woe is me.” Look at the wow of God!

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  1. Linda Moore

    Thank you Jennifer LeClaire for this encouraging word!

  2. Pamela Quantock

    Wow….I will stand on this word!!! NO more looking back!! NO MORE!!! I will not feel sorry for myself, I will allow God to work in me and show me how to work my new territory. I may have move locations and not aligned with the right people, but I will sit and allow God to show me how to move in this new area… This is scary starting over in a new territory…but it is new and it will prosper…HE gave it to me to prosper…not to wallow on what I have lost…That was a season that has passed…it was a great season and this one will be better…praising with arms raised…

  3. Diane

    Perfect answer to what I wrote to you about yesterday!! Yes and amen. I will look to the Wow if God!!

  4. Miguelina Garcia

    Thanks God and you , before I listen the program these morning
    God gave me a respond about something. And is soon, He make me understand again what is important.

  5. Jim

    Thank you for speaking the truth. This season of challenge is, let go and get up! In a dream last night, the verses 1Kings 1:49-53. My interpretion is to grab the horns and ask for grace and mercy for past sins.I no longer want to have my faith based on feelings, but on the promise of Jesus!

  6. Arlene

    Jennifer, if you only knew how many times the prophetic words you deliver are exactly what I need for what I am going through. I am an intercessor to the church and I have to be very intentional right now about looking forward and refusing to look back. Thank you so much for your obedience! Blessings to you! Arlene

  7. Victor

    Amen! Thank you for this article! Just what I needed to read this morning! All glory to Jesus!God bless! Love your ministry and your YouTube videos Jennifer Leclaire!

  8. Nancy Bueltel

    oh my! I just went through this battle…routed into a class that focuses on the past when God just Geographically moved me out of the past after much deliverance in order to go FORWARD. The moment I got here, I was maligned because I shared my story with someone. She used it against me immediately. it has been a 6 month battle. But Now I am looking up to heaven and feel a light breaking through the oppression.

  9. Joanna Faith

    Amen. God is powerful, greater than evil. Jer. 29:11. I look forward to God’s restoration,vindi- cation & restitution. Like you Jennifer,& Job, I’ve endured pain, loss, betrayals, demonic at-tacks,etc. God is good!

  10. Debra Lewis

    Amen🔥❤️New thing, Yes Lord


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