Yesterday, I alerted you to a nefarious attempt to hijack my identity and fleece the sheep in my name. This bad actor created a fake Facebook page, used my photo and other materials, and was replicating posts from my page to make it look and sound like me. This same person was sending out friend requests in my name to Christians and had already built up about 100 followers by the time you started alerting me to the scam.

After Facebook refused to do anything about it, I sent out a warning via my newsletter asking you all to report it. My goal was to protect people from being defrauded. You responded in droves and Facebook listened. The fraudster’s page has been removed, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try again. If you see anything suspicious about ministries you follow, please report it. There are many sincere believers out there looking for a prophetic word or prayer and don’t know that God’s true servants don’t charge you money for these things !

You all know that I preach hard against merchandising, so it’s ironic that the devil would try to use my personal brand to fleece the sheep. In fact, I'll be posting a column in Charisma magazine in the coming days about a merchandising scheme I recently ran into online from a "prophet." We need to pray that the body of Christ will receive greater discernment in this hour. If folks are fooled by false prophets looking for a pay day, how will they escape the rise of false prophets and false Christs and the great falling away?

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