For those who feel isolated, cut off from the rest of the body of Christ, or worry about what's ahead for us, we’re here to tell you that God still speaks to His people, and He has good things to say to you. This week could be a week filled with the voice of the Lord for you!You may be aware of the importance of daily casting your cares on the Lord so that He will sustain you, and of the refreshing lift that comes in times of worship (both isolated and corporate worship). You may know the “centering” effect of hearing the inner voice of the Holy Spirit in times of personal prayer and Bible reading, but have you thought about what the gift of prophecy has to offer? Or even prophets: gifts that are people.Throughout the Bible, a picture is painted of individuals whose destiny is to call God’s people back to the covenant. In Ephesians 4, a wonderful portrait emerges of what these people-gifts look like for us today:
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