The Lord says, “This will be a week that you hear Me say ‘It is Finished’ over many issues. Listen carefully, for there are emotional entanglements that you have over which I will say, ‘It is Finished!’ There are losses you’ve experienced over which I will say, ‘It is Finished.’ There are hurts and wounds you have had over which I will say, ‘You have been healed.

“Watch for the end of things this week; many endings will occur so you can be released into the new that I have destined for you.

Your Unexpected Entry and His Redemptive Plan

“There’s an entry that I have for you, but it will be an unexpected way that you’ve not been looking for. I always have a redemptive plan, and in the midst of My redemptive plan you must see clearly the way I have opened for you.

“I am calling you in! Watch carefully and then grab hold of the redemptive strand that will come to you this week. Not only will you go in, but I will pull you forward. This advance won’t be of your own strength or by striving to enter in. Rather, I will pull you forward into the place I have for you.

Resurrection Life and Power Is Coming Your Way!

“There is an explosion of resurrection life and power that is getting ready to emanate from My people. As I draw you into My plans, know that I am drawing out something that is going to begin to transform this world in a way that you have never expected.

“Get ready for power and might to come out of you since I am ready to draw out the inner depths of who you are in Me. Get ready – resurrection life and power is your portion, and it’s coming in a mighty way!

“Many of you see the new path in front of you, but feel restrained by forces that would hold you to an old season. In this new era, you will begin to see them break…one by one by one. My hand will reach deep inside of you – not to pull out the unclean, but to pull out My glory. I am determined to draw My glory from deep within you.

“You have been working and working to accomplish something, but there is a spiritual force deposited in you; it is not by how hard you work or how much you do or how right you are but by My Spirit that you will break forth in this season of spiritual explosions.

“I will let you die daily so that My Spirit can explode within you. Let Me cut you loose from emotional bondages so that I can ignite a spiritual dynamic within you that has never come into fullness. I am cutting you loose from inordinate affections and moving you forward.

“Don’t stop until you see that I am forming new relationships and alignments for you. Even some old alignments you’ve had will become new if you’ll let go of past judgments in old relationships.

“I am cutting you loose – don’t stop until you see the entry before you!”

(Word Spoken by: Chuck D. Pierce, Susan Shaulis, Maggie Wallace.)


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  1. Marsha Griffiths

    This is a beautiful on time word.

  2. Theresa Cuenca

    Yes, cut away ALL the traditions and doctrines of MEN, that make the WORD/WILL OF GOD TO NO EFFECT! Follow JESUS!

  3. Lori

    Glory! Hallelujah 🙌🏽😭

  4. CelticWillow

    I felt something in reading these words, I felt the truth. I believe there needs not be any interpretation for them. It sounds literal not not metaphorical. I am so greatful to hear,”My hand will reach deep inside of you – not to pull out the unclean, but to pull out My glory.” These are His words.

  5. Mary

    Great word.


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