As I was preparing to share the word of the Lord in Dallas in November, the Lord showed me five things to come. Some of this is the enemy’s plan and can be averted through spiritual warfare and prophetic intercession. Some of it is God’s will and we need to come in agreement with what He is doing for His glory.

  1. A Year of Threats

Military, economic and ideological threats will increase against the US. Trump will stand strong and continue pushing back. Cyber wars will escalate, and rumors of war will rise, even among unlikely foes. Terror threats will also escalate. Threats on Trump’s life will escalate.

2019 will be a year of threats specifically originating from the Queen of Heaven and Communist regimes. The US will see an ally betray the nation because of pressure from outside forces. The good news is many of these threats are empty. Many who are issuing the threats are merely bluffing and unable to carry them out. These intimidation tactics will not move Trump.

China will continue to escalate fear campaigns with talk of invasions in Taiwan and the Philippines. China is positioning itself to usurp America as the world’s leading superpower. Relations between China and the US will continue to deteriorate but both nations know they must maintain some level of relations to preserve the global economy.

  1. A Purging in the Church

The church will undergo a purging in 2019 to make way for clear visions in 2020. Dead branches in ministries are going to be cut off to make way for new, different and more abundant fruit.

  1. Jezebelic Leaders Exposed

God is going to deal with Jezebel and Ahabs in leadership. A remnant church will begin to emerge that refuses to tolerate Jezebel, false prophecy, idolatry and immorality.

A new breed of leaders will arise in the nations with courage to confront and authority to throw Jezebel down. This will cause the beginnings of a shift in the church that allows the apostolic to take a greater role in the Body of Christ.

Jezebel is one of the key resisters of the apostolic as this spirit hates authority. While Jezebel hates prophets, this spirit has been allowed to influence the some camps in the movement through witchcraft and divination.

More false prophets will be exposed. When the true apostolic emerges at higher levels in the church, greater order will come to lock Jezebel out.

  1. Prophetic Movement Ascends

The prophetic will also come up higher. Many who have cultivated a bless-me-only-give-me-a-personal-prophecy culture will press in to deeper level of the prophetic with intercession and prophetic declarations that cause true shifts in heart, minds, and cities around the world. This is a process that will take years, but one that will gain momentum in 2019.

  1. Intercessors Rise in Boldness

Intercessors are rising up with new boldness after seeing a harvest of prayer answers and begin to take on more complex issues by faith. A younger generation of intercessors will begin to rise under the tutelage of prayer warriors who are completing their race. Gen Z and Millennial intercessors will tackle the problems in their generation with innovative intercession and prophetic acts that demonstrate the power of God to heal, rescue and raise up.


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  1. Johann Arocho

    I too found myself praying for younger intercessors to rise up.

  2. Stacie

    It is amazing how accurate your prophetic insights line up with others like Stan, of the Prophecy Club and Augusto Perez, who is also a prophet—Thank you so much for your tireless work—my husband and I truly have leaned on you for six years now, battling Jezebel and Ahab in a generational curse! It was your books that allowed me to get a handle on the situation so I can’t thank you enough!! God bless you sister!!! Much love and appreciation, Stacie and Ken

    • Ida

      I’m blessed by this article. Thank you.

  3. Mrpaul

    I am from India. Thank you for your articles and youtube videos it has been a great blessing for me

  4. Monica Burchell

    Thank you, Warriors, who have gone before us in prayer…

    Yes! Yes! I’m Gen Z, and we are rising with Holy Spirit power, fishing for men, ushering in the Kingdom of our King Jesus. What-what!!!

  5. Linda Ramundo

    I paid for the session on depression. It was canceled due to Jennifer’s illness. I have not heard about it since. Please advise.
    God bless u!
    Linda Ramundo

  6. Janet Feig

    Have you ever heard of prophet Mark Taylor?

  7. Martha Newcomb

    God spoke to me a while back about this being a year of purging as well. So this just confirms it!

  8. Heather

    Amen! I had a dream in August that revealed the same move of God in our churches! My inner spirit is in agreement with this word! Praying for you Jennifer! May the Lord continue to bless your ministry!

  9. Ida

    The spirit and works of Ahab has taken the Church captive. Instead of operating from the apostolic realm , it is operating out of the occult spirit. Ahab allows for unsaved individuals to dominate, and lead in ministry under his guide. This compromise is soulish, and based on money and contribution made as tithes for a title.Now you have jezbel operating in ministry at authority level using Ahab as cosigner.The year 2019 God is bankrupting Ahab and allowing the falling away due to false prophets and heresy, and powerlessness. A lack of sound doctrine, or no truth.Peace and power in prayer as God gives us no fear but love , power and a sound mind in the Spiritual Realm.Thank you for your writting and Spirit. Love Ida .

    • Ebenezer Fourie

      Hi Ida,

      Thanks for your insightful comments. Please send me a Facebook friend request. Look forward to hearing from you.


      Ebenezer Ron Fourie

  10. Nosano

    Jennifer, is this prophetic word only for the US or for other believers residing in other countries too?

  11. Donna Hanscome

    Yes, it is so awesome and thrilling to know the reality that we, as HIS believers, are HIS temple ( His vessel), and that HE IS THE ONLY
    ONE that is living in and through us.


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