Have you been attacked and deeply wounded by someone under the influence of a Jezebel spirit? Are you trying to pick up the pieces?

There is hope. There is life after Jezebel. There are gifts amid the ashes. Get encouraged as you walk through the aftermath of a Jezebel attack in this video teaching with Jennifer LeClaire and Larry Sparks. Real and raw. Register and you’ll get a link for the replay even if you can’t join live.

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  1. Tina Grenadier

    Whoa…. this is one of the best teachings that I have ever heard!
    Thank you for sharing this.

    • S.Jacob

      I faced it in the church And got out of the church 4 years ago but they still are pursuing us praying witchcraft prayers blocking us, praying we will go back. Everyday they pray afraid that we may excel more than them. They’ve got my husband who is very naive through their honey talk and through him get information about us and they pray against it. Everyday as I pray in the spirit I get their names and the words they pray against as well. My husband is part of a leadership program and now they are praying to get in there. They want to enter our territory. I’m praying and standing in faith. I tell my husband to keep away but he says we have to walk in love. As for me I’m not bitter God delivered me from that. But I prefer cutting away from such people.

  2. Victoria Gardner

    When it stopped I felt the present of God straight away in my bedroom..
    I’ve had so much of this..overcome twice..and I’ve been freed praise the lord..I’m at bible college..
    And I was feeling I would lose my annointing.. and my training because they are apostle prophets..
    Now I’m healing from this..

  3. Dena

    Thank you for your insights into this information and very controversial and explosive topic. I look back and realize that I have had about 4 attacks and now I’m just recuperating from a lot of Jezebel attacks and even had to rout Jezebel out of my own life and way of life.


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