Praying the News with Jennifer LeClaire
Praying the News with Jennifer LeClaire
Watching for the King of Glory (Episode 023)


You might get the idea that the watchman’s ministry is all about warnings of sin, sounding alarms when danger is approaching, or discerning enemy attacks. Although that is the major thrust of the watchman’s ministry, there’s another aspect that’s also important as we move into the end-times—watching for the King of Glory. Where there are demons, the Lord is in there somewhere. The making of a modern-day watchman must have an emphasis on watching for the Lord’s entrance and His presence. Remember, Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for missing the day of their visitation. God wants us to be aware of His presence so we can cooperate with the move of the Holy Spirit. He wants us to discern angelic activity so we can work with angels like we talked about last week. If we’re too demon-focused, we could miss the King of Glory. A balanced watchman sees the danger, but lifts up his eyes to see the glory of the Lord approaching to prepare a people for visitation.