Prophecy: As Scotland Goes, So Goes the United Kingdom

Prophecy: As Scotland Goes, So Goes the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is under spiritual siege.The enemy is deploying divisionary tactics across Europe to split the prophetic voice with volatile political issues. Strife is looking to land and bring confusion and every evil work. 

While I was flying over Scotland on a puddle-jumper from Ireland on Oct. 1, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about Scotland:

“Scotland is the linchpin. While the eyes of Europe are on Ireland, the eyes of God are on Scotland’s future. As Scotland goes, so goes the United Kingdom. 

“Cry out for unity because I have not called for a separation at such a time as this. Many have been the attempts to severe Scotland but the time is not at hand to divide but to stand strong against separatist agendas. 

“Scotland’s destiny is tied to England and England’s tied to destiny.”

What is a linchpin? It’s a locking pin inserted crosswise or one that serves to hold together parts or elements that exist or function as a unit, according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.

There is plenty of talk about Scottish independence. But if Scotland leaves the UK now it will not be the will of God.

Let’s pray:

Pray the Scots will conform to the will of God in any vote for independence that may emerge.

Pray Britain will find ways to strengthen ties with Scotland and stem the tide of sentiments to disunite.

Pray the enemy’s tactics of division will meet with defeat.

Pray the Lord’s will be done in Europe. 


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