Political correctness, new cultural norms and social pressure is trying to reshape the very fabric of the church to be conformed to this world instead of being the transformative force we are called to be by the renewing of our minds by God’s word. (Romans 12:2) 

Without the Word of God as our basis of truth, the church is doomed to fail.  The enemy wants us to Crack under the pressure!  Crack doctrinally, morally and spiritually.  The Scripture says that the enemy is like a ‘roaring lion’ seeking the weak out to see whom he can devour.  I believe that is true in this generation more than ever before.  

The enemy has loosed a spirit of seduction, deception  and intimidation against the church that, if we are not strong, will cause our very foundations to crumble.  Hebrews 12 says that everything that can be shaken will be and all I have to say is that there is a whole lot of shaking going on right now!  It goes on to say that only the things of the kingdom will remain and stand.  

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