Are you longing to recover lost years, relationships? Whether you need a breakthrough in your health, your finances, or some other area, God can restore lost time and get things back on track but in order to obtain that which was lost, you need to move into overdrive. I heard the Lord say, “Step up and step it up.”

God wants to bring you increase. He wants you to recover everything Jesus paid the price for you to have. Perhaps you feels like you have lost something, like something is missing and you want it back. Don’t look back with regret because of so many wasted years, if you redouble your efforts, increase your intensity, you can regain precious time that you lost.

I heard the Lord say:

“You can regain lost time. You can get serious-minded. You can regain it. You can meet the challenge. Step up and step it up.”

What does that mean? Step up means to come forward. Many saints have been hiding from Jezebel in the cave. Others need to step up because they’ve been sitting on a shelf of suffering. Still others need to step up because life knocked them down. God wants to redeem the time but you have to step out of the old and press into the new.

Maybe you stepped out and stepped up and nothing has changed. That’s when it’s time to step it up—to do something better, faster or more efficiently. God will give you the grace step up your pace, redouble your efforts, put your life in overdrive for a season. Now is the time to press in stronger, harder, and faster, and expect an explosive breakthrough for your obedience. Expect more than a breakthrough because you’re more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

Maybe you’ve stepped up but nothing seems to be happening. You feel stuck in the status quo. You feel ike you take one step forward and two, three, or even five steps back. When you step up—when you push a little harder—God will reward you with revelation on what to do next, how to regain what the enemy stole. Keep stepping. Don’t let the enemy stall your step.

The Lord is telling you “Just step it up. Press harder. Seek counsel. Join a group of people who are pressing. Detox from some past experiences. Get away from the lazy bones that like to hang around you and drag you down.”

Let’s pray:

Father, in the name of Jesus, help me to step out, step up and step it up. Order my steps to the people and places You want me to connect with. Give me a resilient spirit so I am not discouraged when it feels like I am not making progress in my journey with You. Strengthen me to keep stepping and pressing into Your perfect will for my life.

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