Just as the Lord has raised up watchmen and watchwomen in this hour to pray for this nation and report what they see in the distance, so are there secular prophets and watchmen who are broadcasting false information and biased predictions aimed at undermining the agenda of heaven. Many of these false prophets manipulate the facts and skew our perceptions in order to keep us from learning the truth.Those who are being used of the Lord to sound the alarm are often ridiculed, mocked or totally ignored by the mainstream media. The challenge we have faced is to see through the confusion in order to see God's plan at work. As believers continue to pray for those who report the news in the secular arena, we can be encouraged by a story in the Old Testament that sheds light on God's higher purpose and strategy.In 1 Kings 22:13-37, the story is told of how God placed a lying spirit into the prophets of King Ahab's court, specifically so he would be "enticed" to listen—and thus be destroyed. Ahab had continually ignored the voice of the Lord and was rebellious in his heart. Because God saw the force of Ahab's false prophets at work, He used their own self-interest and greed against them. The king's ego led him to believe the false narrative, and he went into battle without the Lord's blessing.
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