I recently had a vision where I was walking down a long hallway. I had a great expectancy as I keep walking down this hallway. I noticed that there were doors all along the sides of the hallway, some to the right and some to the left. Again, as I kept walking, I felt an excitement and joy begin to build. I kept walking straight ahead and came to a door directly in front of me. I felt the Lord say, “This is your door.”

So I opened the door and as I walked through it, I came upon another door. I opened it and walked through the next door and another door opened to me. This happened many times. I keep opening door after door, one right after another. Then I heard the Lord say, “There are so many people who have been patient in the process, walking with Me for years, and they have been waiting on the right time, and the right door to be opened for them. They’ve prayed about the doors they have come across and have been faithful to stay out of the wrong doors and opportunities. But now I am leading many into the right place, at the right time and the right doors are opening for them.”  

God was showing to me in this vision that this is not just a season for one door to be opened for people. Instead this is a season of multiplied doors. God is sending open doors to you, one right after another, after another. Not just one door but multiple doors. Many people are waiting for God to just open one door. God doesn’t just want to open up one door for you, He wants to open up multiple doors for you in this season.You don’t have to look for doors of opportunity, open doors will find you. You don’t have to ask for favor, the favor of God will find you.

If you are faithful to stay in the secret place of fasting, prayer and seeking the Lord God will open doors for you. You won’t have to go looking or knocking on doors. As you stay humble and walk in humility, God will open up doors for you that you can’t even imagine. When you walk through each door, you will have the insight to be able to manage and steward what is on the other side of each door.

The Lord spoke to me and said, “Everything from your past, every pain, trouble, blessing, hard season, great season, all of your education and training will make sense and help you as you walk through the doors.” I saw this like a funnel which starts out with a wide opening and becomes narrow at the bottom. I saw this season like a funnel of everything in the past coming together and leading up to this moment for many people.

As you enter into this incredible season of multiple doors, never forget it was the Lord that opened the doors for you and gave you the strength to walk through the doors. God is pouring out divine insight and wisdom to those that will walk through these multiple doors. Get ready my friends, your long walk through the hallway of closed doors is about to end. Door, after door, after door is going to be opened for the people of God in this season. Your season of multiplication, acceleration, and your season of numerous being opened for you is here and it’s coming!  


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  1. Madeline Brownfield

    Oh Yes! I believe and I receive this in Jesus name. Multiple doors are opening for me NOW. Thank you Jesus!

  2. Tina

    Such a true and beautiful word!

  3. Lindy

    I really want to move to the Twin Cities for about 7 years now I’ve been asking God to make a way. I have an ofp on my husband my heart is breaking and I live in the same small/ no opportunity town as him.
    I need a car and income based housing as I can’t work due to ptsd and major fear/panic attacks memory loss.
    I don’t want a divorce at all I love him so much.
    But I do need out of this town where there is no church or Holy Spirit filled people. I have a church in the cities, a huge revival family meetings every night, and a place to get soaking healing/ deliverance prayer.
    Here I sleep all day and get up at night to cry and I’m hardly eating.
    My Tae Kwon Do Academy is also there and they are another amazing big family and my dream is to continue my training there.
    My doors that open I hope are miraculous ones, cuz I am completely reliant on God right now for my every need. It’s been hell nonstop and I just want to experience something awesome. Or just nice.
    Please pray for me, I need to be able to go to the Josiah center in the Twin Cities every evening and actually be a part of something amazing too.
    I feel I have no purpose, I have no friends here and I’m going crazy wanting to see my husband but God says hands off, I think he’s going to heal our marriage.


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