I heard the Lord say, “Step Up. Step Up. Step Up.” The Lord is encouraging some of you to step up, now, without delay.

This word is for those who are walking in humility with repentant hearts. This word is for those who seek the will of God first, not their own will. It is for those who are willing and who God has made able through the study of the Word. 

“Step up” means it’s time for some of you to come forward. Some of you have been hidden in a cave. You’ve been hidden in dark places, and it’s time for you to step up, out, and move forward. Maybe you’ve been hidden in the cave of persecution. Maybe you’ve been hidden in the cave of religion. But, the Lord wants to bring you from religion to revelation— so It’s time to step up, come forward, and claim responsibility for the mandate on your life. 

Don’t Back Up, Step Up

It’s time to stop shirking your duty. It’s time to shake off the fear. It’s time to pursue your call. It’s time to stop putting your commission aside to assist someone else and never fully doing what the Lord has called you to do. I heard the Lord say:

“It’s great that you’re helping other people fulfill their mission. That is what you should keep doing. But, not at the expense or at the neglect of rising up and taking responsibility for the unique calling I’ve put on your life. 

“For some of you, your calling is to be a helper. It is to be that intercessor. It is to be that prophet to the one. It is to be that counselor to the few. It is to be the teacher to the local body. But, whatever it is that I’ve put in your heart in this season to do, it’s time to step up and step into it. It’s time to take a leap forward. It’s time to step up and rise up.

You Can Get Up Again

For some of you, it’s time to get up. Maybe you feel like you can’t get up. Circumstances have left you dry, wounded, and in a place where you have to heal before you can take another step. You can’t step up until you get up.

For the Lord says: “I am pouring out My healing upon you. And you will see even in these next thirty days that if you determine in your heart to step up and step out again, I will grace you. I will empower you. I will heal you. I will bring an accelerated healing to you.

“You are called to step up only so much at a time, so don’t try to step further than My grace,” says the Lord. “Don’t try to step beyond where I’ve called you to step. At the same time, don’t sit in a place and watch others stepping over you to get the things that I really called you to.”

It’s Not Too Late to Step Up

And the Lord says, “Some of you have experienced situations where people have actually stepped over you and stepped into a calling that was ordained for you. They stepped into an assignment, a mandate, a mantle that was ordained for you, all because you were too wounded to step up. So they stepped on top of you, they stepped over you, they even stepped around you, and you just sat there and watched them take your position.” 

Indeed, some of you were stepped over in the workplace. You didn’t get a position, authority, privilege, a gift, or something that was ordained for you because you were too wounded—or because you didn’t see it, or you weren’t willing and someone else stepped into it.

But, the Lord says, “I’ve preserved your gifts and I’ve preserved your calling and I’ve preserved your destiny and it’s not too late for you to step up. Step up now for My son’s sake because I have work for you to do. Step up now and claim responsibility for that which I have put in your hand. Don’t shirk it. Don’t delay it. Don’t wait any longer.

“It’s time to step up,” says the Lord, “Step up. Step up. Step up. Step up. Step up.”

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