In a vision, I saw the tower that houses Big Ben—what the British call the Great Bell of the clock at the end of the Palace of Westminster in London—and it was approaching 12th hour.

As I kept on looking, I noticed the hand on the clock was closer to the 12 than it was to the 11—much closer. It was as if there were only moments left before we would hear the reverberating sound of the massive hammer striking the bell to mark a new day.

I heard the Lord say, “When Big Ben strikes 12, there will be a shift in the nation.” 

This is a governmental shift, as the number 12 represents government. What’s more, the iconic 96-metre clock tower stands at the northern end of the Palace of Westminster. As I’ve learned from my monthly travel to London to build Awakening House of Prayer hubs, the Palace of Westminster is the meeting place for the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom.

As I kept on looking, it was almost as if Big Ben’s short arm was stuck. Prophetically, I see Great Britain is stuck in the eleventh hour—a time of transition. The good news is Captain of the Hosts has dispatched angels of transition to help the UK government as He did when President Trump took power in the US. Just as the results in the US have been favorable, results in the UK will be favorable as intercessors continue battling the enemy of Great Britain’s soul in prayer.

Of course, we are already seeing part of the transition with the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. But there is a greater transition coming. It doesn’t take a prophet to see that Brexit—the United Kingdom’s planned departure from the European Union—is a pivotal part of that transition. Freedom from Brexit will release the UK from one enemy stronghold but the battle for Britain will hardly be over.

I did not know until I researched, but Big Ben stopped bonging in August 2017—except for important national events and holidays—while it undergoes a renovation. Big Ben is not scheduled to return to normal operations until 2021. There is not an actual date set in 2021 and, as renovations go, the relaunch could be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Great Britain hangs in transition on additional fronts, namely the monarchy. There’s no indication that Queen Elizabeth II, who is 93 at the time of this writing in 2019, will abdicate the throne and retire. In fact, she has insisted she will not. There’s also no reason to believe she will pass away soon. She is in strong health and her mother, Queen Mary, lived to be over 100.  

That said, when Her Majesty eventually goes on to glory, the nation will plunge into grief. But her life will be a seed of revival in Great Britain. Intercessors beware. During the grieving period—while weeping endures—the enemy will coordinate a strike against the nation. The spirit of division will work to break up the United Kingdom and an opportunity will arise for the new king to become a defender of the faith like his predecessor. That spirit is roaming about like a roaring lion even now.

Keep in mind Big Ben is famous worldwide for its accuracy. Prophetically speaking, it’s no coincidence the clock has stopped. God is giving the United Kingdom time. Intercessors, the enemy wants to destroy the unity but as we stand in the gap we will see a stronger United Kingdom, a new awakening in the church and a revival that brings in a great harvest. Keep praying!


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  1. Norma Savitsky

    Amen! When I saw a prior post of the giant wheel/eye. I saw it as a sign of God’s Eye on the England. You always look where you are about to walk and I felt it was God’s Eye on England where He is about walk. To move into England London the seat of authority to restore the seeds of Evangelism sown, spread across the continents, the globe, to now return home to England. If not for England there would be no America, no young Lion. God restore England, to it’s former Spiritual and it financial wealth to grow your body in the UK. Dispel and pluck out the witchcraft and the demonic strongholds that have only temporarily found a resting place. “England is Mine,” says the Lord!!! Oh, she has fallen, fallen asleep and slumbered but Now it is time, Time to Awaken her. Arise, Oh England, once a shining star to the nations. Arise! Slumber No More! Shake off your soiled garments and once again Stand in My Righteous Presence and Reflect Me, My Righteousness, Put on your Garments Washed in the Blood of My Lamb, My Blood Shed for you. England Arise Raise Up take your place once again among my nations. Take your place Daughter you are ordained to be a Sheep Nation, to Hear My Voice and a stranger you shall No more follow. Hear me, my beloved princess you are mine and None shall again take you from me. Arise from the ashes! Now is the time. The time for your resurrection. Time to come forth like Lazarus he is not dead, but he sleeps, so did my beloved England. England slept while sorcerers and witches called out follow me. NO More, NO More I say, ” England You Are Mine!” No More, for I Shall Rule England! Be Clean England, I Say, With My Most Holy Blood, the Blood of the Lamb of God! My Blood! Adorn yourself with my garments My Blood Bought garments and take your rightful place once again among My nations! Amen and Amen!

  2. jrighton@btinternet.com

    As I Brit I agree that Brexit is also a spiritual warfare. We are at a time of transition and now is a time for Prayer, a time to acknowledge who our personal and national Lord and benefactor is, and he is Lord of all. Do pray for the Royal Family for they in my opinion are pivotal.
    Just one minor correction Jennifer, Queen Elizabeth’s mother who lived to 102 was known as Queen Elizabeth the Queens Mother. Confusing I agree!! Queen Mary was the Queens grandmother. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Elizabeth_The_Queen_Mother

  3. Toni

    Thank you for this Jennifer. Is it your understanding that the independence and sovereignty of Scotland are not on God’s agenda?

  4. Sumathi

    Amen and Amen

  5. Kathy

    I had a similar picture from the Lord recently, about the short hand of a clock being stuck. It was for somebody, part of their life was stuck in the past. Don’t know if that interpretation could have relevance here too.?

  6. Nadine Travers

    My freind was just talking about the renovations of Big Ben . It’s intresring how tje Manchester town hall is closed for renovations , alongside the main Jewish synagogue in Manchester also a national heritage site and I recently discovered Rochdale townhall is closing for renovations – there is somthing extremely very strategic happening in Manchester with some of its main buildings being renovated – let’s keep praying


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