My husband, Al, was climbing the ladder of success in the oil and gas industry in his new position with exploration and development. The company was drilling several new wells across southern Kansas, and Al was supervising each of them. One of the rigs was drilling a great prospect right outside of the small town of Coldwater, Kansas. As his success in the oil field grew, he also grew spiritually. His love for and faith in the Lord Jesus was remarkable. Al developed a strong sense of the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit to such an extent that he was constantly praying for his workers and the strangers he met, and they were all healed and blessed. But even though he was experiencing powerful miracles, nothing could have prepared us for the major supernatural experience that Al would have in Coldwater. One Wednesday night after spending the entire day at the drilling rig, Al left for his room at the Comanche Motel, and as was his practice, he showered and put on fresh clothes and his church boots and walked across the street to the Assembly of God church to attend the Wednesday night service. Al enjoyed the service and even stood and gave a testimony of his love for the Lord Jesus and the great miracles he had been seeing. When the meeting finished, he met the young pastor and many of the people and thanked them for the wonderful service. He then returned to his room and laid across the bed, still fully clothed, to watch his favorite television show, Gunsmoke. The next thing he knew, Al was in a strange place which seemed to be a very wet and very dark jungle.
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