It was devastating at the time. He seemed righteous and good in many ways. But when my Mormon husband abandoned me and our then-two-year-old daughter it was a blessing from heaven.

Mormonism is a cult. I didn’t know that when I married a returned Mormon missionary. All I saw was a man who was willing to give up two years of his life to travel across the ocean and share Jesus with lost souls. That was inspiring.

Of course, I didn’t know it was another Jesus.

Mormonism is a cult. I learned quite a lot about this false religion while I was married to a Mormon. I learned about many of the secret temple rituals and the reasons they wear special “garments” under their clothes. I learned about the angel Moroni, Joseph Smith and the golden plates. I learned about their prophets and more.

It all seemed weird to me, but I wasn’t saved at the time and I didn’t know better. I remember my Baptist grandfather discussing the Mormon beliefs with my then-fiancé, trying to explain to him that Jesus—and not works—were the only way to heaven. He politely continued in his beliefs. I still didn’t see that it was a false religion.

Mormonism is a cult. I went to a women’s meeting at Latter Day Saints “ward” once and attended an Easter Sunday service another time. I always had an eerie feeling when I entered that place. The people were friendly, but it felt more like a plastic persona. It felt like religion in the darkest sense of the word.

I remember when our daughter was born, my Mormon husband’s Mormon parents wanted to have some strange blessing ceremony over her. I am so grateful that I said no. Even though I didn’t know Mormonism was a cult—and even though I wasn’t saved—something told me not to allow it.

So I thank God my Mormon husband got on a plane, supposedly to Honduras for a two-week trip, and married an El Salvadoran teenager. I thank God because I may have ended up a Mormon who believes in strange rituals, like becoming a god in eternity, and salvation by works. I thank God because I may have ended up going straight to hell.

Mormonism is a cult, and it almost sucked me in. I remember my Mormon husband telling me to read the Book of Mormon and pray about whether or not it was true. He promised me an encounter at the end of the book if I would pray; a supernatural confirmation that it was real. I started to read it, but I just couldn’t stomach its contents. I never prayed that prayer, which would probably have been answered by some other spirit than the Spirit of God.

So thank God my Mormon husband abandoned me. My daughter and I both found the saving grace of the true Jesus and we may have never known the truth that set us free if we hadn’t endured the pain of what at the time seemed tragic. God is good. He saw all along what was happening. When my Mormon husband abandoned us, He rescued us from the slippery slope of a false religion.

My prayer is that all those who have been captured by the false religion known as Mormonism will be set free from this deception by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the one true Jesus!

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