The scribes are arising!

By Wayland Henderson

Ezra who was a scribe and priest is a picture of what’s coming on the scene. Scribes had to be scholars in the word of God as they had the great responsibility to handwrite the word onto scrolls. According to the Jewish commentaries, these scholars were referred to as “sofer stam”, which is an acronym for sefer torah (Torah scroll) tefillin (phylacteries) and mezuzah. Mezuzahs were scriptures in a black box and place above the doorpost fulfilling the command of Deuteronomy 6:9 to inscribe His word upon the doorpost. Phylacteries were boxes that were bound around the hand and above the forehead to fulfill the command of Deuteronomy 11:18 to bind the word of God on their eyes and on their hand. We see this in scripture and when understood there is a powerful truth in regards to scribes:

 You shall therefore impress these words of mine on your heart and on your soul; and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontals on your forehead. The scribes were called sofer stam because it was another way of saying they were a Torah scroll themselves! Scribes are coming who are not just scholars of the word, but they are a living breath Torah scroll being revealed. Deuteronomy 11:18

13 For it is not merely the hearers of Torah whom God considers righteous; rather, it is the doers of what Torah says who will be made righteous in God’s sight. 14 For whenever Gentiles, who have no Torah, do naturally what the Torah requires, then these, even though they don’t have Torah, for themselves are Torah (Complete Jewish Bible)! Romans 2:13-14

A clarion call is being released and the beginning of the revival of the Word and Spirit will be released through scribes who have such intimacy with God, they will possess the ability to create synergy through the Word and the Spirit. Just as Paul declares all scripture is God Breathed, Ezra’s are coming with the ability to unlock God’s breath (the mystery of counsel of His will) in the scriptures and release His life into those who hear and understand it (2 Timothy 3:16).

It will be God-breathed words and when they speak, their mouth will be like the pen of a ready writer inscribing upon the hearts of the people. This will create strongholds of righteousness and joy that produces supernatural strength that will not be hindered! The joy of the Lord is our strength (stronghold) (Nehemiah 8:10). It will be the finger of God and His Kingdom being inscribed upon the hearts of His people and driving out demons. Let the Ezra company arise!

Wayland Henderson is a prophet who carries a heart for revival and moves in a strong revelatory gift with a unique anointing to impart prophetic understanding of Jewish roots across cultural and generational lines. He is co-founder of Greater Works Generation Ministries with his wife Jeanette, and their heart is to awaken a generation to their destiny to become mature sons and daughters of God. Jeanette is a prophetic psalmist, gifted teacher and is a worshipper at heart with the ability to usher in His Presence. Wayland is also co-founder of A.G.E.S. (which stands for Awaken, Gather, Equip and Send). A.G.E.S. is an apostolic and prophetic monthly gathering where several ministries have joined to gather regionally to see revival glory come forth in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They currently reside in Arlington, Texas with their three beautiful children.

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