We saw a scare of epic proportions in Europe on Tuesday when two people in Poland were killed by  Russian missile that landed in the NATO territory.

Russia denied it fired the missiles into Poland as an investigation was underway. Poland's president on Wednesday said it appears the Russian missile’s landing in Poland was a result of Ukraine’s anti-missile defense. He called it an “unfortunate accident.”

It looks like we narrowly escaped a World War.

This is Jennifer LeClaire and this is Praying the News. On today’s broadcast, we’ll look at the growing threat of Word War III and how the enemy is working to change times and laws according to Daniel 7:25. We’ll also look at a prophetic word I released at Awakening House of Prayer Ft. Lauderdale in September that sheds light on the opportunity in Poland.

We’ll get into that and more right after a message from our sponsor. Today’s broadcast is brought to you by SchooloftheSpirit.tv’s The Voice of God: Listening, Discerning and Releasing Holy Spirit’s Words.

If you type World War III into Google News, you get pages and pages of results. But with the scare in Poland Tuesday, fears of a new great war are multiplying.

Although investigators have concluded it was likely not a direct strike from Russia, others see it as a test of NATO’s resolve that edged us a little closer to World War III. The wars and rumors of wars Jesus prophesied are certainly escalating and will escalate as we go deeper into the end times.

Indeed, headlines like, “Who would win World War III?” are rising in Google’s rankings. President Donald Trump was just quoted saying World War III could “seriously happen.” And Wall Street’s ‘Dr. Doom’ says ‘World War III has already effectively begun.”

But where does Poland fit into all this? Listen in to this prophecy I released at Awakening House of Prayer in Ft. Lauderdale in September 2022.

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