It’s your turn!

By Lorilei Cooley

The Lord is suddenly accelerating things even more so, where one thing after another will begin to manifest. We have reached the borderline of seeing the manifestation of the radical restoration that the Lord has decreed for this season!

Lately, the Lord has been highlighting the word OASIS to me. The dictionary describes it as something serving as a refuge, a relief, or a pleasant change from what usually is. Beginning this week I really felt the Lord emphasizing that the beginning of this ‘pleasant change’ will start unfolding. This place of oasis that the Lord is bringing many into there will be such great relief, rest, peace, joy and such beautiful restoration by His mighty hand. Where you WILL know it was Him alone that brought you to this place.

Where the fruits of your labor will blossom, Many have become weary, tired and wondering when Lord? Where is the breakthrough? As I saw many ‘looking’ for the breakthrough on the outside and have not seen it fully break open.

I heard the Lord say…

“LOOK AGAIN! It is right there! Can you not see what I am doing? Can you not perceive the new thing that I am doing? For I am working, moving and intertwining many things together. For you are about to see me move and bring about my word, my goodness and my heart towards you concerning my promises! I have remembered you! I have now placed you in the front of the line, for you shall be last no more. My decree has gone forth and I have made room for you in the land that I have prepared for you. You shall see my glory as you begin to enter this new time and new season of your life. Where JOY and VICTORY will be your banner. For I am resurrecting and breathing life! I am the restorer of all things and you will see sudden restoration manifest.”

Isaiah 43:19 “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

The Lord is moving in such POWER that will leave you completely undone, in His awe and wonder of who He is. Knowing HE is the one who did it all and no one could have accomplished what He has done or doing. The demonstration of His power is about to seen and displayed on greater levels. I heard the Lord saying to me to get ready for He has only begun what He is doing.

The Lord is decreeing IT IS YOUR TURN! Buckle up because He is about to accelerate you on a level you have not seen or experienced before. Get ready for relief is about to come swiftly!

Lorilei Cooley throughout the years learning the voice of the Lord at a deeper level to grow in intimacy with Jesus and eventually becoming a forerunner and prophetic voice to the body of Christ. Her heart is to encourage the body of Christ through prophetic writings from the Father’s heart, hearing his voice and to awaken others into their true identity in Christ, through equipping and training. Teaching others strategies, unlocking doors and breaking through dimensional barriers through healing and deliverance.  https://www.lorileicooley.com/

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