What do we do when our doctors don’t have answers regarding our health issues?  I know what I did, I turned to God.

Do you suffer from conditions such as persistent sinus infections, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, auto immune diseases, acid reflux, or any ailment in which your doctor cannot seem to help you?  I spent most of my life fighting chronic illness.  I also spent most of my life asking God for guidance and for answers as to what was single-handedly trying to steal my life out from under me.

At 19 I started on a journey many teenagers could only dream of, I landed a job in Manhattan. Plans of running around on my lunch hour enjoying the city were high-jacked, and instead quickly replaced by running from doctor to doctor in a desperate attempt to find out why my health had taken such a nosedive.

When Doctors Don’t Have Answers

My health quickly spiraled out of control after moving into my new (somewhat moldy) apartment just months earlier.  I was only in that apartment for nine months but it almost completely and successfully took me down.  It would take more than a decade and many surgeries, time, and money spent trying to find answers.  God being the faithful Father that He is, guided me, placed me in front of the right people to help me, and would ultimately heal me not just physically, but emotionally as well.

My journey with God led me into a world of understanding the havoc fungus and yeast can have on our bodies.  Why should you consider fungus as the cause of your disease if your illness is not responding to conventional medicine?  Because the CDC (Center for Disease Control) actually says we should!  I was so excited back in August of 2017 when they released this statement.  Patients and doctors alike were encouraged to “think fungus” if symptoms were not improving with conventional treatments.

There are many links between fungus and illness such as Hashimoto’s, sinus and yeast infections, diabetes, fibromyalgia, psoriases, and even cancer.  The Bible takes the topic of mold and fungus very seriously and we are warned many times in Leviticus on how to handle mold infestation as well as how it relates to health problems.  Mold causes the breakdown of any organic matter, which includes us, humans.

Recently I was honored to be welcomed back on the television show Know The Cause on GOD TV.  Watch as the host Doug Kaufmann and I discuss the breakdown of my health issues and what ultimately got me well.  For references to mold in the Bible see Leviticus 14:33 -53 and Leviticus13:47-59.

When doctors don’t have answers, turn to God’s wisdom, know the cause and eat healthily.


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