We’re seeing end times prophecies manifest right before our very eyes, but many in the world are too blind to see what is happening right under their nose.

Indeed, we’re seeing hell populated with people dying of pestilences. And this is just the beginning. How should we respond?

If you’ve been watching and praying the news, you’ve noticed there are viruses old and new manifesting in the earth. It seems like every time we blink, there’s another threat of pestilence and pandemic.

In March 2020, I had a prophetic vision during prayer at Awakening House of Prayer that is coming to pass. Let’s listen in. Listen to the podcast to hear the prophecy.

I believe what I saw was Delta and Omicron, which now itself has many variants. We didn’t break the mutants of this virus, which tells me this is part an end-times prophecy that we can’t pray away. We can’t pray away the pestilences that Jesus prophesied. But we can pray through them.  And we must.

Listen to the podcast here.

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