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Illegitimacy: The Battle Over Your Identity

Discover how the enemy has been working against the purpose and destiny of sons and daughters with a spirit of illegitimacy, which works to destroy your ability to understand who you are through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The enemy is unable to create anything, but can manipulate and pervert everything that God has established. It’s because of sonship that the enemy has worked diligently for many generations with an attack plan to destroy your identity. If the enemy can get the upper hand of your identity, he will maintain a level of success in keeping you from your created purpose. Learn how to overcome the spirit of illegitimacy with the revelation of how this battle works against you and how you are able to overcome this tactic from the enemy.


God has an amazing blueprint for this generation

that He wants to reveal through vision. As long as we have vision, we have what we need to grow, progress, and transform the world. In this powerful interview, Jennifer will tap into Dr. Trimm's wisdom on the power of vision.

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Planting the Heavens

The words we speak in prayer are like spiritual seeds. In the same way that planting seeds in the ground produces a harvest, you can learn to pray in a way that plants the blessings of heaven here on Earth.

Tim Sheets shares a revelatory new message that will take your prayer life to powerful new dimensions. Grasp the impact of your declarations and discover the power of praying the words that Heaven longs to hear!

Get ready to:

  • Pray with authority: learn how your prayers and proclamations are supernatural forces in the unseen realm
  • Pray with confidence: bring your words into agreement with God
  • Pray with expectation: partner with Heaven to transform your life, family, church and region for the Kingdom of God.

Learn how to activate God’s timeless strategy for victory, blessing, and revival by planting the Heavens with seeds of prayer!

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