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A Prophetic Word for 2018

Metamorphosis: A Prophetic Word About Radical Change in 2018

By Jennifer LeClaire
105 pages

I heard the Lord say, “A metamorphosis is underway. I will bring the change I’ve promised, first little by little and then an outward manifestation of an inner working I have been doing in My people.” This book will empower you to embrace this transformational word of the Lord in your life. Beyond the prophecy, this book details practical insights and prophetic strategies for cooperating with the Spirit of God during mass transition and mega change.

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8 Ways to Tell if a Spirit of Death is Attacking You

8 Ways to Tell if a Spirit of Death is Attacking You

The Spirit of the Lord would say to you this day, “In this world you will have tribulation, you will pass through difficult times, but I say to you, “I created you to win, to be victorious in every situation. I have equipped you with resurrection power, and that same Spirit that raised Me from the dead lives and resides within your very being. And I gave to you this same Spirit so that you could overcome the wiles of the enemy, that serpent of old. You be bold in who I created you to be—a conqueror, an overcomer, and victorious.”

Four ‘Opportune Times’ The Enemy Will Come Back

Four ‘Opportune Times’ The Enemy Will Come Back

When we are serving and sharing Christ, the Enemy will be carefully planning his next and most effective attack on our lives. He does not sit idly, hoping that we will fall into temptation by chance. He calculates the conditions of the battle. He carefully works out the timing of his ambush. To help us prepare our hearts, the Bible outlines for us five of Satan's opportune times for attack.