What Ignite Has To Offer

 Align Your Church/Ministry

Jennifer understands churches and ministries—whether missionaries, itinerant ministers, parachurch ministries, training centers and Bible schools and other Christian ministry networks—need a spiritual alignment. Since most apostolic-prophetic ministries are non-denominational, they often lack the support or covering they desire. Ignite offers alignment and covering for ministries around the world.

 Ignite Your Voice

Ignite offers a place for every believer in the body of Christ. This level of membership sets the stage for personal prophetic growth with periodic short teaching videos from Jennifer and—perhaps most important—access to fellowship with other apostolic and prophetic believers who stand, learn and grow together. Jennifer prays for all her Ignite members, but you’ll find this community lets you ask questions that you may not know who else to ask, and discover friendships with people who don’t think you are crazy for pursuing the gift of God on the inside of you.

Ordination & Commissioning

Ignite Network offers ordination and commissioning to five-fold ministers, marketplace ministers and intercessors who are committed to advancing God’s kingdom in the earth. When you are ordained/commissioned with Ignite, you are doing much more than getting official ministry credentials and a strategic alignment and affiliation. Ignite offers more than accountability. We open the door to a world of relationships with ministers of like-precious faith who embrace the apostolic and prophetic. We support your calling and empower you to be all God has called you to be. Our ordination and commissioning services include a prophetic presbytery to speak into your life and the laying on of hands to impart spiritual gifts God wants you to have in your new season.