Ignite’s Company of Prophets
Meeting in Lighthouses Around the World

In the Bible, prophets ran in companies (2 Kings 6:1-7). In modern times, however, it’s difficult for prophetic people to make true connections with one another. Many live in cities where they do not know any other prophets, seers, dreamers, visionaries, prophetic scribes, dancers, psalmists and others with a strong prophetic DNA.

Enter Ignite’s Lighthouses. The Lord gave me a vision of companies of prophets rising up in cities all over the world. He told me to plant companies of prophets in cities and nations to bring Ignite members together face to face.

Lighthouses will meet in homes, community centers, coffee shops—wherever they choose to meet to pray, study, share what the Lord is saying, weigh words, interpret dreams and prophesy life over one another.

It’s time for the prophetic people in your city to unite, make intercession and build community. I believe these lighthouses will be a lifeline to many who have felt isolated, under fire and discouraged. I believe the Lord will establish divine connections that will help people, churches and cities around the world.

The Lord has given me a mission and a mandate to connect prophetic people together in cities around the world. Are you part of that mission and mandate?

Will you lead a Lighthouse for Ignite?

Lighthouse Leaders Receive

-Access to phone/Zoom meetings with Jennifer LeClaire
-Dedicated Facebook Group to interact with your company
-A Burn-and-Shine kit to help you promote your lighthouse, including a banner, shout of from Jennifer LeClaire and an e-mail blast to from us to people in your city. 
-Listing in our LIghthouse Directory so people can find you
-Discounts on School of the Spirit training


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