Wonder what Ignite is really like? Here are just a few of the many testimonies of lives touched, hearts encouraged and prophetic ministry gifts unlocked.


Andrew Coffin

“The knowledge that I have a family who understand me and vice versa is incredible and that pray for each other encourage exhort and comfort each other is great. I want thank Jennifer for all the fantastic teaching she has provided.”


Benjamin Sleep

“After joining Ignite it was like the spirit of prophesy was upgraded in my life overnight, but then I realized so was my warfare ….  It’s a blessing to be in this group. I was called for war, and called to speak long ago. Good to be encouraged here!”

Kelly Jennings

“Since I have joined Ignite, my sensitivity in the spirit, especially discernment has been sharpened and I’m becoming more confident with my call and my prophetic voice and expression. The unity and camaraderie in this group has helped me break the fear of rejection and isolation. I’m so blessed to be a part of this ministry. Thank God for Apostle Jennifer. I’m truly growing in knowledge and wisdom because of her obedience to God.”


Naisha Hawkins

“Just to know that I am not weird & there are others in the body of Christ with a prophetic voice has been such a blessing! This group has shown me that there is love, unity & genuine concern for others in the body of Christ! It’s an honor to be a part of the network!”