Bible Reading Plans

Mornings With The Holy Spirit

7 Days

These daily readings are for anyone who is seeking to fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Delve into the words that the Holy Spirit has given to Jennifer LeClaire during times of worship, prayer, and simply everyday living.

Evenings With The Holy Spirit

7 Days

End your day by growing in your prayer life, gaining a deeper understanding of God's nature, and developing a more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. This devotional is based on the book Evenings with the Holy Spirit by Jennifer LeClaire.

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“In the month of May I joined your prayer calls. I was hurt, damaged, and not sure what to do other than I know I needed to pray and I also was interesting in learning how to write a book because I believe in 2015 God have me a list of 50 books I am to write in my life time. It seems every morning Holy Spirit has you right on my page and I am so blessed to be apart of your release.”—Rose

“Your prayer calls have been my lifeline, to climbing out of my cave…as I had barely been outside for 7.5 years and pushing back the darkness against mine and my boys lives… Every night, I listen to your broadcast, some nights on replay because I haven't had much sleep and simply can't stay awake…but the breakthroughs have been MEGA!!!”—Donna

“I have been joining this prayer movement every morning for months. It is powerful, relevant, and in tune with The Holy Spirit. This prayer has been essential in aiding direction, confirmational, and really assisting me as His has revealed His prophetic call on my life. Thank you for your commitment to God & His people. Trusting God's release of His choicest blessings in and on your life.”—Syretta

“Just wanted to contact you to say that this morning’s prayer time was so absolutely awesome. It hit on things that were going on with me yesterday specifically. Your prayer was confirmation that it was demonic attacks to get me discouraged and throw that pity party but God's grace and love prevailed. I chose Him and still choose Him over anything. I went to bed singing God's Grace is sufficient for me and woke up this morning singing Everything!”—Debbie

“Just wanting to inform you my daughter was gone for 6 months. Living as if she wasn't raised in the Lord. I've been praying and praying. You sent out a prayer call on Periscope Friday morning concerning prodigals. Today my daughter came home. God bless you more and more and increase you as He promised.”—Sarita

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