Ignite – Tier 4


(annual licensing and administration fee) – $100 is due upfront for background check

Jennifer understands churches and ministries—whether missionaries, itinerant ministers, parachurch ministries, training centers and Bible schools and other Christian ministry networks—need a spiritual alignment. Since most apostolic-prophetic ministries are non-denominational, they often lack the support or covering they desire. Ignite offers alignment and covering for ministries around the world.

  • Role Models, Past Mentors, etc.
  • 1st Character Reference
  • 1st Character Reference
  • 2nd Character Reference
  • 2nd Character Reference
  • $0.00



This level of Ignite is designed for ministers who are looking for apostolic accountability. Some may call this a “spiritual covering.” This is reserved for leaders who would like to have a more personal relationship and access to Apostle Jennifer, complete with commissioning.