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Prayers That Activate Angels Prophetic Declarations CD

Psalm 103:20 tells us angels hearken to the voice of God's Word. In this CD, Jennifer offers short teaches about various angelic operations and how you can activate angels on assignment to help you through 31 Spirit-led decrees and prayers. Pray with Jennifer and release angels on assignment to war, communicate, guide, protect and more. 

Price: $15.00

Dream Wild Prophetic Declarations CD

This is a CD of prophetic words, sounds and decrees that defy impossibilities. This is Jennifer prophesying words of the Lord against music that will help you remember the words!

Price: $15.00

Prophetic Activation Series: Types of Prophetic Communication

Jesus said His sheep know His voice. We can all hear the voice of the Lord—and we can all learn to hear His voice more clearly. I believe God is speaking to us more than we realize. We may not understand or catch on to the many ways He speaks. We need to continually work to cultivate a prophetic spirit and an awareness of His presence our hearing grows ever sharper. This teaching offers a few cautions about hearing, 4 ways to be careful how you listen, spiritual listening skills, 14 ways God speaks to us, what we can learn about Elijah and a warning about fleeces.

Price: $8.00

Prophetic Activation Series: Levels of Prophetic Ministry

Notice in this Scripture that Jesus gave “some” prophets. Although all Spirit-believers can prophesy, not everyone is a prophet: “Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles?” (1 Corinthians 12:29) Of course, the answer is no. If all were prophets it would be akin to the entire body of Christ being ears and mouths. It takes many different parts to make up a body. This CD teaching offers insight into the office of the prophet, prophetic ministry and the simple gift of prophecy.

Price: $8.00

Prophetic Activation Series: The Purpose of Prophecy

Prophecy is one of the nine spiritual gifts Paul outlined in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11. By understanding the true nature of prophecy, we can avoid confusion around the nine gifts of the spirit and how they manifest. We’ll look in-depth at the other eight spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12 in a later chapter. In this teaching, you will discover the purpose—or purposes—of prophecy. You'll learn what the prophesy and what it isn't so you can flow with greater accuracy.

Price: $8.00

Prophetic Activation Series: I Will Pour Out My Spirit

We are in the last days and the need for accurate prophetic ministry has never been greater. There are many who have exploited the prophetic ministry for sheer profits, abandoning its true purpose. But there is a nameless, faceless generation rising up that is bold enough to step out and share the prophetic words and impressions God has put on their heart for the edifying of the saints. This CD covers what prophecy is, why you should desire to prophesy, reasons why you may not be prophesying now, understanding impartation and activation, 5 strategies the enemy uses to shut up your gifts and 5 ways to stir up your gifts.

Price: $8.00

Mornings With the Holy Spirit Prayer Calls

Want to listen again to Jennifer and hear team pray prophetically from the Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer calls? You can order the MP3. Just email us your purchase receipt and let us know which date for which you want the replay.

Price: $4.00

Discerning Demonic Strongholds & Breaking Generational Curses

Deliverance ministry is not taught much in the church today and people debate whether Christians can have a demon. In this four-CD series, Jennifer teaches you:

Price: $25.00

Identifying Jezebel’s Revival Assassins

If you're crying out for revival or have a touch of the prophetic on you, Jezebel wants to shut you down. Jennifer shares how to recognize this spirit operating in your midst and practical strategies for discerning and overcoming a Jezebel attack.

Price: $7.00

Birthing Your Prophetic Destiny

In this two-part series, Jennifer recounts a prophetic swirl of supernatural experiences, as well as a series of God-given “baby dreams” that guided her toward her destiny in Christ. With lots of humor and practical instruction, Jennifer shares keys to birthing your prophetic dreams and tips on how to transition from one stage of your destiny to another.

Price: $14.00

Defeating Jezebel, Witchcraft and Religion

Are you battling Jezebel? How do you know it’s not a religious spirit? How can you discern a witchcraft attack? In this three-part series, Jennifer LeClaire, author of The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, Satan’s Deadly Trio, and Jezebel’s Puppets, offers Scriptural backing and practical insight and powerful prayers to help you recognize these spirits operating against you-and maybe in your own life.

Price: $19.00

Redigging the Wells of Revival

Although the United States—and many other nations—are in crisis, revival-minded believers are making an appeal to heaven and co-laboring with Christ to redig the wells of revival from past generations. In this series, Jennifer LeClaire, author of The Next Great Move of God: An Appeal to Heaven for Spiritual Awakening and co-author of Revival Hubs Rising, stirs you up with an on-fire message that will cause you to pray, then offers practical instruction on how to dig wells of revival in your life, your church and your city in this two-part series.

Price: $14.00

Moving in Modern-Day Prophetic Ministry

Are you called to be a prophet? Where do you begin? How do you stand in this office with all the warfare that’s coming against you? What is the role of the modern-day prophet? Jennifer LeClaire, author of The Making of a Prophet, The Heart of the Prophetic, A Prophet’s Heart, and The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, offers practical teaching in this three-part series. This will answer many questions you’ve had but didn’t know who to ask—or were afraid to ask!

Price: $19.00

Staying on Fire for God

Does your fire for God ebb and flow? Do you get fiery hot when you need a breakthrough, then get emotionally low at times? Discover how to stay on fire for God in this practical teaching on how to maintain a fervent spirit.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Entering Prophetic Ministry

How do you enter prophetic ministry? With much spiritual warfare. Discover the challenges of entering prophetic ministry with integrity and get on the road to prophetic maturity in this practical teaching.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Succeeding as a Woman in the Marketplace

Marketplace ministry is vital to the Body of Christ. Being a successful woman in the marketplace brings glory to God. Discover the keys to succeeding in your career in this practical teaching.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Oh Ye of Great Faith

What’s the difference between little faith and great faith? You’ll find out that and more in this prophetic teaching that shows you how to develop great faith that moves mountains.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Staying Free in the Holy Ghost

Getting deliverance is one thing. Staying free is another. Learn how to walk out your deliverance in this insightful prophetic teaching about the Holy Spirit’s role in maintaining your liberty.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Facing Down Your Fear and Winning

The spirit of fear can’t exist where the fear of the Lord is. You can’t fear God and man at the same time. Discover how to get free from the spirit of fear by walking in a reverential fear of the Lord.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Visible Faith

Is your faith visible? Is your faith manifesting the promises of God in your life? Faith without action is dead. Discover how to put your faith into action—and get the results you need—in this practical prophetic teaching.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Get Ready to Receive Your Miracle!

In part 2 of this series, you’ll get some practical instruction and examples of how to enter into all things possible. This teaching will help you stir up your faith and show you how to manifest all things possible in your every day life.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Going on a Crusade Against the Spirit of Fear

It’s time to go on a crusade against fear in this candid teaching that exposes fear for what it really is and sets the stage for deliverance from the spirit of fear.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Developing Wonder Working Faith

Jesus said all things are possible to Him that believes. But what are ‘all things’? Discover what the Bible says you right to believe for, stir up your faith, and start seeing God’s promises manifest in your life today.

Price: $12.50 $9.97

Standing in the Office of a Prophet

You’ve been called as a prophet. Now what? Discover how to fully function in your prophetic anointing, how to stand against the spirit of Jezebel, and how to intercede with authority in your prophetic ministry.

Price: $12.50 $9.97