Faith Magnified

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Stop doubt dead in its tracks and build faith that overcomes the world with practical teachings that will give you a new perspective on how to walk out God’s Word. You haven’t read enough books on faith until you’ve read this one.

With a spiritual warfare twist, Jennifer exposes doubt for what it really is: a devil that robs your prosperity, your health and your destiny. If you are ready to receive all God’s promises once and for all, this book can help you! In Faith Magnified, Jennifer equips you to:

Develop the “great faith” that demands results. You’ll never lose another spiritual battle when you build faith that overcomes the world.

    Discern the subtle voice of doubt and unbelief
    Avoid the dream killer called self-doubt
    Overcome the fear that follows doubt
    Develop the “great faith” that demands results
    Fight the good fight of faith and have victory every time
    And much more!