Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest

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God gave me a profound prophetic word about the angels of abundant harvest and I’ve raced to get this book into your hands so you can hear the word of the Lord and apply biblical principles that will position you to reap the overflow in this season. My publisher is urgently rushing this life-changing revelation to the printer right now. Pre-order at a discount and we’ll send you an autographed copy as soon as it gets into our hands! This book will be released before the first of the year. I expect backorders and reprints. Order your copy today and be the first to receive it!

Understanding the times and seasons-and knowing what to do-is vital in the hour in which we live. That’s why I have such an urgency about this prophetic word and the book I’ve written to equip you to cooperate with the angels of abundant harvest the Lord is releasing in this hour.

If you follow my ministry, you know that I speak out against extreme teachings on angels. I’ve seen worship of angels and supposed visitations that trouble me. Like Paul the apostle said, “Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you. Such a person also goes into great detail about what they have seen; they are puffed up with idle notions by their unspiritual mind” (Colossians 2:18).

But I believe wholeheartedly in the ministry of angels. We see angels ministering in the Old Testament and the New Testament with great frequency. I believe we miss out on angelic assistance because we’re not aware of their functions. Bringing in the harvest is one of the functions of angels.

The Lord gave me a significant prophetic word. I’ll share just a few lines of it here:

“An abundant harvest is at hand. I am releasing angels of abundant harvest into the nation. You will reap what you have sown. This is a double-edged sword. Where the enemy has resisted your harvest in years past, you will see a multiplication effect of blessing in your life. Doors will open unto you that no man can open. Opportunities will come your way that you never dreamed, imagined or even thought to ask for. Provision will enter your life from unexpected places.”

The prophecy, which I share in my book, is much longer than this and goes into greater detail. (You can read the entire word here.) I am convinced the body of Christ needs to hear this word and understand how to apply it. Indeed, I feel so strongly about this word in due season that I’ve set other things aside to rush this book out to you. If you believe and war with this prophetic word-and apply the principles in this manuscript-it could change your life.

Mind you, this is not a book about finances alone. You reap on every action you take. There is an abundant harvest coming across the board. We need to get in agreement with what the Lord is saying and position ourselves to bring in the harvest!

I’ve never done a book like this based on a prophecy but I believe this is a right now word that has implications for the next year and beyond. I hope you’ll grab this revelation and run with it to the glory of God!

This book will help you recognize a season during which the Lord is releasing angels of abundant harvest and help you prepare to receive restoration and provision in your life.

  • Understand the role of angels in a season of financial harvest
  • Prepare for a supernatural wealth transfer
  • Decree and declare abundance and overflow in every area of your life
  • Understand and activate God's angels
  • Operate in the laws of the harvest for maximum increase
  • Understand demonic obstacles to seeing an abundant harvest
  • Discover how to partner with angels to see God's will come to pass
  • Avoid angelic deceptions rising


My ears perk up every time I hear that Jennifer LeClaire is releasing another book. Why? Her writings are grounded scripturally; they abound in research and contain the third needed strand of contemporary experience. Guess what? That is how exactly I write! So finding a next generation voice that combines these same three strands that I have attempted to uphold in the global prayer and prophetic movements brings great joy to my heart!  


In 1993 the angelic armies invaded my home in suburban Missouri for 9 straight weeks from midnight to 5 AM. Yes, every night.  I had read and studied all 300 verses in the Bible on angels 3 different times over 3 different decades. Then a prophetic explosion of the manifested presence of God took place in our home and impacted my family in every imaginable way.  Eventually the book Angelic Encounters was birthed telling some of these encounters. I trust that the book has been used to help ground people as I referenced over 200 Bibles verses while fanning the flame of “More Lord” for today.


It is another day, another hour. It is “Harvest Time!” I now feel we have an appropriate sequel to Angelic Encounters in the book Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest by my trusted friend, Jennifer LeClaire. I exposed the reader to encounters of a heavenly kind and now Jennifer exposes you partnering with the heavenly hosts for the purpose of the harvest! Yes, the missing link has now been appropriated! Praise the Lord!


I concur with the exhortation in the opening chapter and the prophetic word “I Am Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest”. Yes, and Amen! As I stated previously, it is “Harvest Time.” Not only does this book inspire you, it engages you with tools of activation. In fact, there are additional note worthy chapters such as Activating Angelic Ministry in Your Life and Prophetic Declarations That Release Angels. These writings bring you tools within boundaries!


Then one of the primary reasons I am so thrilled to highly commend this book to you. Jennifer teaches you to have banks to the river. It is because she has so wisely included the material found in the chapter, “Avoiding Angelic Deceptions.” This compliments the material I have taught for years around the globe on Nine Scriptural Tests for Prophetic Encounters. Thank You Jennifer!


So you see, right now, at this vantage point in life, as a father in the prayer and prophetic movement, I now get to help coach others and occasionally even be a cheerleader when I find someone I really want to give a shout to.


It is a great honor and privilege too commend to you this tool, this amazing manual, this inspirational book titled, Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest. This book contains the rest of what I want to say!


Blessings to each of you!


Dr. James W Goll
God Encounters Ministries
International Speaker and Author


If you’ve ever dealt with fear and uncertainty then you have a need to understand the angelic network of heaven. Jennifer LeClaire has become a “voice," whether in writing or speaking, that I have begun to listen to carefully in this season.  She displays an incredible understanding of God’s army, the Hosts of Heaven, and armies of the earth. Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest is unique because it brings you from the supernatural fringe of personal angelic involvement, to understanding God’s host of angels that will be used mightily along with His army in the earth. This book is not just about angelic activity, but about how angels work in causing you to multiply and enter into the harvest operation of the earth. Angels help us operate in God’s law of abundance, and Jennifer is one of the first to capture in writing this incredible understanding. Do not miss the opportunity to read this book!

Dr. Chuck D. Pierce
President, Global Spheres Inc.

President, Glory of Zion Intl.  

When Jennifer LeClaire shared her word about the angels of abundant harvest my spirit jumped with excitement. The Lord has been speaking to me about the Upgrades that He has for His people. In this book you will not only hear the word for this season but you will receive much needed insight into the angelic realm. Angels are assigned to bring forth blessing and breakthrough. One angel encounter can shift your life! Get ready to be elevated, empowered and aligned.


Ryan LeStrange
Founder, Impact International
President, New Breed Revival Network

Jennifer LeClaire has brought forth a now word concerning angels through a biblical foundation and clear understanding on the purpose of angels for the creative service to God, and in the aiding and assisting of mankind. As you read this book, you will discover the greater role that angels have in the Kingdom and your personal day-to-day life. Although our generation has seen an increase of spiritual warfare and demonic spirits to which it has become the norm in our culture, this book will equip you in advancing the Kingdom of God as a son or daughter of God. As you read, you will be reminded, encouraged, and equipped to know that angels have been assigned, purposed, and destined for you. You will no longer see angels as a figurine on a fireplace mantle, but an advantage for Kingdom Increase. The abundance of angelic Presence is about to be released into you identity!


Ryan Johnson
Founder, Ryan Johnson Ministries

In Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest, Jennifer offers a prophetic plumb line that rightly divides the word for believers on how to discern and deploy angelic assistance to reap a harvest for kingdom advancement.


Jason Armstrong
President, Remnant Fire Ministries

Many believers in this hour do not understand the importance of angelic assistance in their everyday walk and assignments. There is a great need for this revelation in the Body of Christ and I believe this book explains how and why angelic assistance is needed today.


Ricky Scaparo