Often at the head of the new Hebrew year, the Holy Spirit speaks concerning things to come.  As I have prayed and sought the face of God, I have been given a series of revelations concerning the new era we have entered as of 5780 and beyond. In this period of time, we are not just crossing from one year to the next, but from one era or decade to the next.

I have chosen the title “8 Proclamations for 5780 & Beyond.” Let me unpack this one phrase at a time. 8, of course, is the number of a new beginning. 5 is the number of grace and 7 is the number of completion. So, by grace we are completing past assignments and we are moving into a new decade in the Kingdom of God. We are crossing over from one side of the river where promises are revealed to the other side where promises are manifested.

I agree with others that we are shifting from an emphasis of the “Year of the Eye” to the “Year of the Mouth.” But since my expertise is not in Hebrew numeric symbolic interpretation, I feel to stay in my lane of prophetic teaching, encounter and revelation. With that in mind, here are the proclamations I have been granted.

Proclaim for All to Hear

We do not use the words “proclaim” or “proclamation” often in our ordinary speech. We prefer the synonymous words such as “announce” or “publish” or “invite” or “declare.” Let’s revive proclamation as one of the best ways we can be prophetic in these days. Let’s “cry out”, “pronounce”, “herald,” or even “decree.”

Here are two primary scripture references on this subject.

“I will proclaim the name of Lord, Oh, praise the greatness of our God! He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is He.” Deuteronomy 32:3-4 NIV

“What I tell you in darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.” Matthew 10:27 NASB

This principle was driven home to me forcefully one day when I was alone, waiting quietly upon the Lord. The voice of the Holy Spirit came to me saying, “It is time to make a worldwide impact by calling forth the watchmen to the prophetic power of proclamation.”  This has been like the final piece of a puzzle for me, and it shifted me into ministering out of a higher vision. Let’s release greater impact through the prophetic power of proclamation.

8 Proclamations for 5780 & Beyond

1. It is a Time of Fresh Restoration of Righteousness.
Righteousness is both a gift and an outworking in our lifestyle and character. This movement will be based in part out of Psalm 24, “Who can ascend to the hill of the Lord? But he who has clean hands and a pure heart.”  It will be a time when “the Spirit comes with conviction.”

2. It is a Time of Divine Interruptions.
God is going to interrupt our schedules, our meetings and our appointments with His presence. The Holy Spirit is going to interrupt our good program-based agenda’s with interruptions of His Divine presence. Watch out, here comes God as the Divine Interrupter and Divine Intruder!

3. It is a Time when Divine Order will be Established.
Out of a season where there is the open Conflict of Thrones resulting in Chaos and Confusion, the enemy will overplay his hand. God will use this backdrop to have the final word. This has ramifications on many fronts from family to government.

4. It is a Time of Sacred Assemblies and Consecration.
Out of need, there will be a movement of unity where there will be city-wide, state or provincial, and national gatherings to seek the face of the Lord. There will be more public rallies of repentance and prayer combined with the call to “GO therefore” over the next three years and beyond than in any previous time in church history.

5. It is a Time of Cleansing from Old Disappointments.
We cannot carry this baggage into the new era. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is initiating a movement of cleansing from old disappointments so we can come into the new with a fresh slate and without remorse, guilt and shame so we can be the Hope Ambassadors He intends.

6. It is a Time when the Thief and the Robber are Exposed and Caught.
I have been given dreams where a security breach has occurred and is being exposed. Two dark demonic entities then came and appeared before me and their names were “thief and robber.” These enemies will be exposed and captured. Then the voice of the Lord came to me saying, “It is time for my revolutionary midnight riders to appear on the scene. They will shine the light in darkness and expose the deeds of darkness.”

7. It is a Time when there is Revelatory Teaching on Power and Authority.
As part of our equipment needed for the new era, the Holy Spirit will be teaching us on the difference between Power and Authority and the necessity for both. The theme of the Authority of the Believer in Christ Jesus will be revisited.

8. It is a Time for the Beginning of the Great Harvest.
This new era in Christendom is the beginning of the Great Harvest. Please note: I did not say the Final Harvest. But we are crossing the threshold into the Greatest Harvest we have ever known.  It is time for the “Greatest Show on Earth” of signs and wonders and open displays of God’s lavish love.

Necessary Requirements

Let me close by giving you three simple requirements that are necessary to walk in this new era and to see these proclamations fulfilled.

  1. Greater Focus
  2. Greater Flexibility
  3. Greater Wholeness

I trust this exhortation has stirred you to greater Faith, Hope and Love. We see in part and know in part. This is a portion of what I see, hear and know for the new Hebrew year of 5780 & Beyond!

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