As I was waiting on the Lord the other day during a powerful time of worship I heard the Lord speak this word to me: ‘I want to Supercharge my Church in this generation!’ So I looked up this word that the Lord spoke since I honestly was not personally that familiar with its meaning. This is what Wikipedia had to say: ‘A supercharger is an air compressor that increases the pressure or density of air supplied to an internal combustion engine. This gives each intake cycle of the engine more oxygen, letting it burn more fuel and do more work, thus increasing power.’

The key God spoke to me about this is that the vital part of this “supercharge anointing” is the intake of a thicker, denser, pressurized atmosphere that increases the potential of power in an engine when it is ignited. The beginning of a supercharged cycle starts with a shift in the atmosphere.

An air compressor increases the pressure in the air causing it to become thicker and heavier. None of us like when pressure is increased around us but the truth is is that many times we do our best work under pressure. This increased pressure can also be preparatory of a release of increased power that is called a supercharged acceleration or a turbocharged advancement. When increased oxygen saturation in the atmosphere is put under pressure, it releases a dynamic boost to the power of the engine of a vehicle to bring it into an enhanced and hyper state of activation. It brings rapid advancement toward a destination like a drag race car hitting the turbocharger to win a race. It speeds a release of fulfillment and the manifestation of power in our lives. It is not a different atmosphere, but it is an intensified state of enrichment of the atmosphere that is produced by pressure.

In a hyperbaric chamber, the human body receives increased blood flow for accelerated healing due to the enriched atmosphere produced through pressure. It is not a normal state but an enhanced environment. It may not be comfortable, but it is needed to be propelled forward. The truth is some of the pressure that you are experiencing in your life right now is purposeful and productive for you and the Kingdom of God to advance powerfully. This pressurized atmosphere is purposed to produce power for you! The Church needs this supercharged atmosphere and the Church needs to see the release of this increased power to advance toward the destiny God says is our call in this generation!

One of the definitions of glory is ‘weightiness or heaviness’. I believe God is enriching the atmosphere that the Church is called to live in, operate inandintake into our system. I see this as the very breath of God. I believe when the intercessors pray fervently, and worship is passionate that it surpercharges the atmosphere for God to move powerfully. This saturated atmosphere is purposed by God to produce a supercharged anointing of power to bring increase into our lives, but it will only be released if it is taken in internally and then ignited by fire to be expressed externally. That external release is seen in the ministry of the Holy Spirit expressed through the gifts of the Holy Spirit and miraculous demonstrations of His love.

Power, wisdom, and revelation minister to God’s people through a purposeful release of the gifts in an enriched atmosphere of heaven’s glory. This is what God is doing in this generation. When we are in an atmosphere of the thick glory of God and the manifest evidence of His presence, it is meant to change and enrich the atmosphere so that the power of the ‘super’ natural God can ‘super’ charge our lives with his dunamis power. Then, when it is ignited by faith and the fire of the Holy Spirit, we can be accelerated into the fulfillment of God’s purposes for our lives, our land, and our futures.

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