Are you going through physical pain right now? Do you feel like giving up because of your current health status? If you think there’s no hope for you and wondering if there’s any point in praying for healing, than this powerful testimony is for you.

A group of on-fire believers prayed for a man in a wheelchair and while they were declaring the name of Jesus over this man’s illness, they felt the Holy Spirit pouring out. What happened next astounding…

God touched the man’s heart and tears started to flow from his eyes.

While the prayer warriors of God were declaring healing, you can see in the man’s eyes that God is not only healing him physically, but also doing a wondrous work in his heart.

When the preacher started to encourage the sick man to stand up and walk, he was hesitant because for years he believed would never walk again. But he stood up in faith and took a first step.

The paralyzed man acted in faith and God miraculously healed Him. The presence of God – Jesus the divine Healer – touched the man’s body and restored his strength and spirit. The joy of the Lord was upon everyone in the room.

God is so good! He loves His people so much. He wants to heal all of us. We just need to trust Him and have faith. He is not blind to our struggles; He knows what we need, so never lose faith.

What God did for this man is a living testimony that through Him, nothing is impossible. If you are in pain right now, know that God can completely heal you. Believe and speak His power over your life.

Watch and be amazed:

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