Is God really speaking to you in your dreams? Could the Lord Almighty be warning you of things to come while you lie on your bed at night? Is it possible the Creator of the Universe would give you innovative ideas while you sleep? Simply stated, yes. God has spoken to people through dreams since the Book of Genesis and He is still sending messages through dreams today.

Prophets are called to do more than prophesy, but to equip the saints (Ephesians 4:11) in the prophetic. There is some error circulating around dreams. A friendly reminder: Not every dream comes from God. There are three essential sources of dreams: carnal dreams—our soul or even medication we take or food we eat too late—the enemy (second heaven dreams) and God. I am a dreamer and teach extensively on dreams. I wrote this in my best-selling book, Decoding Your Dreams: What the Lord May be Saying to You While You Sleep.

Just consider some famous dreams through history that have advanced society. God created the atom—the basic building blocks of anything and everything—but Niels Bohr, the father of quantum mechanics, discovered these tiny particles during a dream.1 Bohr says the revelation that laid the groundwork for the atomic model was birthed through a dream of sitting on the sun with planets “hissing around on tiny cords.” Bohr’s dream state discovery paved the way for our understanding of chemistry and physics, which led to scientific and technological breakthroughs like lasers, night vision goggles and digital cameras.

Likewise, Albert Einstein pointed to a dream he had as a teenager that he meditated on his whole life. “He dreamt that he was riding a sled down a steep, snowy slope and, as he approached the speed of light in his dream, the colors all blended into one,” explained John W. Price in an interview on the radio show Engines of Our Ingenuity. “He spent much of his career, inspired by that dream, thinking about what happens at the speed of light.” Einstein’s Theory of Relativity helps physicists understand optics, radio waves and sets the stage for ideas like time travel. Can you imagine?

Beyond the world of science, Paul McCartney says he heard the melody for the famous Beatles song Yesterday in a dream. Elias Howe invented sewing machines after a dream that gave him insight into the mechanical penetration of a needle. Edgar Allan Poe’s nightmares inspired some of his famed poetry—and he also penned essays about dreams because he was so fascinated with the dream world. More recently, Google founder Larry Page had a dream about “downloading the entire web onto computers” that has revolutionized the Internet.

Were all these dreams from God? Probably not, but it nevertheless shows you the power of dreams—and some of those dreams probably were divinely suggested. By the same token, history records significant warning dreams that may have come from God Himself. President Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own assassination. Many people had dreams about disaster on the Titanic and some of them refused to get on board as a result. The same goes for 911, school shootings and plane crashes.

In this hour, though, too many people are supposing their dreams are from God when they are second heaven dreams or carnal dreams. Dream misinterpretation can be dangerous. We must always judge the source of prophetic revelation in any form we receive it to make sure it's truly God. Let’s be careful to judge the source of our dreams before we begin to make doctrines out of them.

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