This is for those who are struggling… I hope you find hope while reading this and discover the importance of self-love and worth within yourself. I hope you start the journey to loving who you were created to be. You are a miracle story. Look up and smile at the unique person that you were created to be. Let’s start this journey of finding your calling together. This is for you.

Our weakest times
Life isn’t something that promises to be perfect at all times. In fact, it’s often the opposite. There are the times when your thoughts are louder than your words. The times when your cry for help is on the tip of your tongue, but flee when you’re about to open up. The times of pure hopelessness.

These times are so real for millions of people. And the message that is far too quiet is the message of hope and recovery.

Over time, if I am struggling mentally, whether it’s anxiety, depression or anything else that can cripple me, I’ve learned that I am a fighter. I refuse to let it tear apart my hopes and aspirations. I let fear and anxiety dictate my life for around two years and I have decided that I will never let it step in the way of my progress and my goals. Now, this was not an overnight decision or anything that came with a quick fix, but I knew that God had something bigger planned for me. Something that I am still learning and overcoming the fear involved, but something that keeps me grounded in my faith first. My dream.

Overcoming and actively pursuing your calling
If you know me or have read my blog or seen a video or two, you know that I talk about a calling on everyone’s life. This is something I believe everyone has. Whether it’s to be a manager of a car dealership or to use your voice to inspire people, we all have a purpose. However, it’s not always so clear. In fact, I’ve struggled to find clarity in mine several times. It is a hard path to walk, but what I’ve found is that if I stay grounded and can manage my anxiety when I am actively pursuing this calling of mine, then I am successful. I am able to use my voice to tell others that they can overcome their fears, anxieties and clouded minds and change the world. That is it. The only Trevor that I know is the one actively using his voice to help people like us pursue their dreams and find their purpose in life.

As I said, it’s not easy. You have to sacrifice your pride, some relationships, jobs – an ongoing list. The return is great: you will never be happier than you are when you become the person that you were created to be.

Starting your journey
I urge you to search in prayer, fasting and searching your mind and lifestyle to find your true identity. If you already know who you are, then STOP what you are doing and PURSUE the person that you were made to be.

If you are struggling with depression or anxiety issues, I urge you: seek help. Find someone who can help you overcome this mountain of doubt and lack of self-awareness and CLIMB higher into your purpose in Christ. You are special and no one else can walk directly in your shoes… I promise you that you’ll be okay. Don’t ever think that suicide is the answer or ever think that it is an option. You have a purpose bigger than you can ever imagine and I promise you that if you drop the hopes and dreams of others and pursue the calling that was created with you, you’ll climb out of your agony into a new light – the light of a fulfilled life.

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